How I Use #DessertEveryDay As One Of My Nutrition #SuccessStrategies

Ladies, Listen Up! Eat The Dessert!

Whatever food you truly love and enjoy, you can get to a place where you work it in. Whether it’s sweets or salty snacks, don’t avoid foods you love. Life is too short to not enjoy yourself and it will actually help you make more progress to include these things. White-knuckling it in order to avoid food doesn’t work long-term. Trust me. I’ve been there. It led me nowhere but to an eating disorder. Rigid only lasts so long and then you binge. To the degree you restrict, you’ll eventually rebound.

How I navigate now: I eat #DessertEveryDay as one of my #SuccessStrategies for staying on track with healthy eating as a lifestyle. It has also helped me navigate eating indulgent desserts without eating them in full abandon and feeling physically gross after. Most days, my dessert will be one of my healthier creations (or one of the Dashing Dish recipes). However, sometimes it’s the REAL deal (I’m looking at you PDX Cookie Co and Waffle Queen Wookies! I have found that I can easily fit them into my weekly macro totals by macro cycling.

Update to add: I now have a PDX Cookie Company affiliate code for you guys! Use “CookieGains” for 10% off your order!

If you allow yourself some wiggle room, and even to have the more indulgent treats on a routine basis, you’ll actually stick with healthy eating more sustainably in the long-term and learn to eat them in moderate portions. I get that it’s scary at first to expose yourself to the things that make you feel like you don’t have control. The thing is, you can’t avoid them forever. There will always be parties, holidays, weddings, birthdays, or even just the random Tuesday when you say “I want cake!” When it is worth it, you should be able to have it, enjoy it, and then move right on to the next healthy choice without compensating. More on this in this post.

Ok but how do you start? Track? Don’t track? I track my daily desserts as most of the time they actually help me hit my protein, healthy fat, and whole food carbs for the day. I don’t always track when I have more indulgent desserts, but sometimes I do. For my clients struggling with taking the “bad” label off of foods, it can be very helpful to work them into their macros for the day without going over. This helps to neutralize the food and eliminate the fear because now that it’s part of your plan for the day, you see it as keeping you on track, not as a deviation. I also find this approach of planning things in be helpful for those who don’t track macros but are trying to let go of perfection when it comes to their food choices. It takes away the feeling that it’s bad or illicit. When it fits, it changes your mindset around the food and that’s where we make progress with #FoodFreedom.

Tomorrow, I will share how to track the more indulgent treats like gourmet cookies when the nutrition isn’t given. Monday I’ll share how to cycle your tracking with high and low days in order to accommodate them and STILL reach your goals! The approach also works well if you have a special event, holiday, dinner at someone else’s house, a restaurant, etc. Stay tuned because you won’t want to miss those posts!!

Reader Questions:
1/ Do you allow yourself to eat your favorite foods, or avoid them?
2/ Are you team sweet or salty?

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  1. Len says:

    Team sweet all the way!! It took a lot of work but I allow myself treats way more than I used to and slowly the urges to binge on them dramatically reduced! Sometimes I track the nutrition, sometimes I don’t but it’s relieving to enjoy a little treat every now and then or even everyday sometimes

    1. Isn’t it incredible how allowing the food and normalizing it actually leads to less fixation on it!? The restriction of the food is actually what leads to the binge. Then the restriction to compensate perpetuities the cycle. But most people aren’t aware that is taking place and think that allowing the food is what leads to the binge. It definitely takes time when you first allow them not to go overboard. I know this from personal experience! But over time, you learn to listen to your body so you don’t feel crappy after over eating it and eventually cookies become as normal as yummy bowls of vegetables!

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