Do I Believe In “Sugar Addiction?” {Vlog}

👉🏼Chatting about how the idea of “sugar addiction” is misleading at best, harmful at worst.
👉🏼Discussing the concept of pedestal foods and how they can perpetuate the idea of the addictive properties of food.
👉🏼Food restriction can lead to just as much bondage as overindulgence with pedestal foods.
👉🏼The ultimate goal is freedom from the yo-yo cycle of restrict then binge, and the solution is self-trust via moderation which allows us to remove foods from their pedestal.
👉🏼The goal is not food control, it’s to be Holy Spirit led.
👉🏼Practical steps to take with trigger foods so that you can enjoy them mindfully without guilt, develop self trust, and finally remove them from their pedestal.

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| Kaci

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