Diets Don’t Work, So What Does?

Dieting doesn’t work. Besides the fact that it teaches you to deprive and restrict (which eventually leads to a rebound loss of control and food obsession), it also keeps you dependent on a system or coach for success. Following rules doesn’t allow you to feel comfortable or confident. It doesn’t enable you to trust yourself around food when the context of the “rules” isn’t possible. Said another way, you have to live your life 365 days a year and can’t control the details of every situation at all times. So instead of following diet rules, why not learn how to navigate by making choices aligned with your personal preferences and take the time to discover your dietary needs? The purpose being to eventually eat with ease—food freedom. That’s what I teach women in my #MealMasteryMentorship.

Instead of rules, learn to look at implementing systems and strategies, guardrails and boundaries. A system is a flexible process, not rigid rules. Principles are universal (and Biblical) truths which apply at all times. They help you make decisions that honor the Lord and allow you to feel your best. Guardrails and boundaries keep you from stepping outside of what you know works for you mentally and physically. Strategies are #HabitHacks which make the process less stressful and more enjoyable. I’ll be teaching more of these as part of a crash course in an ongoing post series called #Moderation365Success101. You can use that hashtag to find these posts as I add to them. I have shared before how much #Moderation365 has helped me in my own #FoodFreedom journey. I trust this approach so much that I’m getting certified in the framework and can’t wait to share more!

What guardrails or boundaries can you put into place that if you follow them will allow you to ultimately reach your goal? That way you don’t make your goal about the goal itself, but about following the healthy boundaries within the context of God’s best for your life.

Questions? Drop them below or shoot me an email!

You can also email me if you think you might want to work together! We can set up a free discovery call! The goal of my coaching is to get you to a place where you no longer need a coach.

P.S. If you are interested in getting a custom set of macros, you can find out more here. If you want something more in-depth which will help you learn nutrition strategies like #DessertEveryDay and how to eat in a way you love and still get results, you can get 1:1 coaching via my Meal Mastery Mentorship. You can head to this link to find out more.

If you just want to stick your toe in the water and see what it’s like, then my Meal Mastery Nutrition Audit has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee! So no excuses!!! Find out about it at this link.

If you are interested in working on a specific habit and need someone to help you troubleshoot, keep you motivated, and hold you accountable, I offer coaching a variety of ways, which you can learn more about here.

My specialty is habit change and my approach is to work on mindset alongside the habit, so that it is healthy and sustainable, and this is best done via 1:1 Coaching which you can learn about here. Whether it involves your health, finances, nutrition, exercise, relationships, or personal growth, habits are the key to success. We are the outcome of what we repeatedly do. Without addressing that, there can be no change. Learn more here!

P.P.S. I will be increasing my 1:1 coaching prices after I have my new #Moderation365 certification. Current clients will be grandfathered in at their current rate as long as they don’t lapse, but for those who are wanting to enroll as a new client, I would do so now if you are on the fence!

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