Welcome friend! I’m Kaci!

I believe I have been called to serve others by helping them to build healthy habits which foster growth in all areas of their person (mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, financial, etc.). I believe that in order to be spiritually healthy and effective, we must steward our physical bodies and our minds in a way that honors the Lord and allows us to walk in full health and abundance.

A few years ago, I became more intentional about my fitness goals and more mindful of the nutritional value of what I choose to eat. This has required practicing a great deal of discipline, but I thoroughly enjoy the (ongoing) process.

Things really started to change when I decided to dive head first into weight lifting. When I got serious enough to dedicate the time and effort required to pursue my training goals, I was rewarded with progress―a kind of progress that I had never really experienced before. It was exciting to realize that I was capable of creating the kind of results I wanted. With that realization came a confidence I didn’t expect, but I also noticed something else I didn’t expect―the way that these disciplines that I was practicing seemed to be spilling over into other areas of my life…

Slowly, I found myself gaining traction in, and even overcoming some major areas of weakness that I never would have expected to conquer. Now that I realize the potential value in consistent application of traction, I’m using it to move forward with intention toward self mastery. A growth-oriented, positive mindset now matters to me as much as―if not more than―my physical training. It has been the one factor that influenced everything else.

As a result of my training, I also began to develop healthy recipes that would not only meet my training goals, but would also be enjoyable to eat. I believe that it is good to get excited about eating when food is healthy and delicious.

My educational and personal background has led me to integrate my passions for health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and (yummy!) food. I do believe in enjoying everything in moderation, and look at health from an 80/20 perspective.

I love that the longer you work at making progress at something, the easier it becomes to move on to the next difficult challenge.

I am married to an amazing and loving man of God. He also happens to be my best buddy.

I have followed food and fitness blogs for some time now. I finally decided (after much feedback from family and friends) that starting my own blog would provide a good way to a way to share information with others. I also intend for it to be useful in my own personal growth, and a way to monitor my progress and hold myself accountable.

Learn more about me in an interview I did for Dashing Dish here.

Day Job:

Former Physician Assistant with 10 years experience practicing medicine.

Freelance writer + Health, Habit, and Mindset Coach for Dashing Dish.

Virtual Coach via my personal brand, What Can Be Gained.


I have a Master of Health Science from the University of South Alabama.

I earned my bachelors in Dietetics (Nutrition) from the Florida State University (Go Noles!).

#Moderation365 Certified Nutrition Consultant.

Metabolic Effect certified Hormonal Fat Loss Coach and Rest-Based-Training Coach.


Born and raised in Florida, live in Daphne, AL.



Cuddly animals, especially furry ones.

17 years old vs 30 years old…
32 years old vs 19 years old…

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