Steps For Behavior Change + Renewing The Mind

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Ok, on to today’s post!

Behaviors aren’t arbitrary. They have meaning. They also create meaning. Said another way: our thoughts create the behaviors, behaviors create outcomes, and the outcomes we get from those behaviors reinforce beliefs (which then feed thoughts, feed behaviors, drive outcomes… on and on, rinse and repeat). It is a self perpetuating process which has potential to become a downward spiral if we aren’t intentional with our thoughts.

So how do we change outcomes? Start with changing thoughts. How do we change thoughts? First, we have to be aware of them. Second, we use the awareness to better understand them. Once we understand them, we recognize how we can change behaviors in order to improve outcomes, which ultimately can rewire what we think is possible.

It looks like this:
Behavior modification⤵️
Improved outcomes⤵️
Renewed thought patterns!

The key to getting started with knowing what thoughts serve you is to do what 2 Corinthians 10:5 says and take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. That simply means we take our thoughts once we are aware of them and compare the thought to what God says is true in scripture. If it doesn’t align, we don’t take action in accordance with it. We implement new behaviors that align with truth. We then get new outcomes and see a renewed mind as a result. Here’s what the step by step process looks like:

1️⃣ The first step to better outcomes is awareness of what’s taking place. Don’t judge your thoughts, just get curious so that you can see objectively and without bias what’s taking place and why. Avoiding an emotional response allows us to think more clearly and rationally. Avoiding any negativity about what’s taking place allows you to get more creative in problem solving and planning (plus positivity allows you to believe in yourself when you are ready to implement changes).

2️⃣ The second step is gaining understanding once you are aware. This is why observing and awareness are so key. It allow you to collect data which helps you identify trends in your behaviors so that you can look for root causes and beliefs that might not be serving you.

3️⃣ You then use the newly acquired understanding to make changes to behaviors (regardless of how you feel) trusting that, in addition to good outcomes, right feelings will also follow right actions.

4️⃣ You then start getting better outcomes (and better feelings about the actions you are taking) which helps you to change your beliefs!

5️⃣ New beliefs and new mindsets create new thought patterns! You’ve successfully renewed the mind which helps you to further transform your behavior! The cycle becomes feed-forward!

Reader Questions:
1/ What part of this process jumps out at you?
2/ What is most challenging?

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