Struggle With Analysis Paralysis? Read This!

When it comes to our goals, there’s a variety of reasons why we procrastinate.

One common issue is perfectionistic thinking. We think of analysis paralysis as a situation of information overload. In reality, it’s perfectionism in disguise.

We want the “best” possible avenue to success. We feel we need all the information + all skills necessary to get there before the initiation of a plan. We think this approach will get us there faster. But will it? Actually, no.

Delaying action until you’ve sorted out the “perfect” approach typically lengthens the amount of time it takes to reach your desired outcome. Furthermore, skill mastery requires practice. How often do we stumble into being good at something—especially something new?

✅Having a plan in place is rational.
✅Identifying potential challenges related to skill deficiencies is logical.

🚫Requiring every last detail before execution is irrational.
🚫Feeling completely prepared before starting is illogical.

Which begs the question: How do we resolve the perfectionistic mindset when we identify it?

👩🏻‍⚕️ Be scientific in your approach:
🔍Start with a basic hypothesis. → If I do X, I might get Y.
🔍Run the experiment. → Do X.
🔍Gather some objective data. → I did X, I got Y and Z.
🔍Learn stuff in the process of experimenting. → X caused Y to work out how I expected and Z, while unexpected, actually has potential value.
🔍Use what you’ve learned to make correlations. → Improving Z may further amplify the utility of Y.
🔍Make adjustments to behavior as needed based on correlations. → If I tweak the way I do X, I will improve both Y and Z.
🔍Repeat the above and continue to iterate!

Ready to make the shift? Shoot me text me at (512) 883-8738 or head to this link 👉🏼 this link 👈🏼 to find out more about the Trevor Kashey Nutrition KickStart Program!

| Kaci

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