Habits Are Like Seeds

Habits are like seeds. If you don’t like the fruit you are seeing in your life, plant new seeds by changing your actions (i.e. starting implementing different habits) so that you get different outcomes. But don’t get frustrated when there isn’t a harvest overnight. The seed must sprout and the plant must grow strong before the fruit appears.

I had a client check in with me today and in her email she expressed frustration that she wasn’t seeing more results yet for the good habits she had begun about 3 weeks ago. She’s doing the hard work of covering ground the enemy has stolen and achieving true transformation in God’s strength. Her goal is to heal and recover from battles with emotional eating and other struggles related to renewing her mindset in order to achieve food freedom. She knows she’s doing well in that, but is frustrated that she has had a few moments of struggling with old thoughts and hasn’t seen a physical change in par with the mental changes she has experienced. Sound familiar? I mean… haven’t we all all been there though!?

We often forget that things aren’t transformed entirely in just a matter of weeks! We must remember that in the beginning, we are planting seeds. We can’t expect to see fruit as the next step after planting a seed. Instead, we must keep minding the soil, checking for weeds and pulling them up, watering the ground, etc. God will do the work in us and eventually we will see the fruit! But only after the seeds sprouts and the plant has grown strong enough.

Instead of trying to get outcomes (like weight loss), just mind the process God’s way. Healing will come and outcomes will follow healing. Its not just a principle for farming, it’s also a promise to us as believers!! “Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good and acting nobly, for in due time and at the appointed season we will reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage give in.” Galatians 6:9. Be encouraged that the fruit will come!

Remember, some plants produce fruit within weeks of growing, others take years. Don’t give up on the process!

Reader Questions:
1/ How do you stick with new habits until you see the fruit?
2/ What is one habit you know you need to start growing today?

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