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My favorite products, things I can’t do without, recommended resources, and more!

(I will keep adding to the list on a routine basis. Where applicable, I’ll link to my reviews and the best pricing that I’ve found).

Please note, some links are affiliate links. Those that are affiliate links are only attached to products I use, enjoy, and would recommend even without the privilege of teaming up with awesome companies.



Condiments, seasonings, ingredients, etc:

Exercise equipment:

  • Golds Gym Total Body Suspension Training System (This one is so much cheaper than the name brand and works well)
  • Adjustable weight vest (Great for weighted sprints, stair climbing, progression from bodyweight exercises, etc.)
  • Pull up/push up bar: Makes the basics more convenient.
  • Grip pads/gloves: (I have these, because I personally prefer grips to gloves). I rarely do a workout without using these at some point. They make holding dumbbells and barbells much less painful LOL. Also… Muscle on ladies=sexy. Calluses on ladies=not sexy.
  • Resistance bands: Use for assisted pull ups, warm up, alternative to weights, etc.
  • Jump rope: Good for warm-ups and cardio intervals.
  • Water bottle: It is super important to make sure that you stay hydrated while you’re exercising. To me, it is worth paying a little extra for sweat proof and a locking lid so you don’t have a mess. I carry my water bottle everywhere, and don’t need it dripping all over my desk at work, and I am bad about knocking things over.
  • Clicker counter: To keep track of laps, sets, etc. if you’re like me and frequently zone out listening to podcasts, music, audio books, etc. while exercising.

Extracts, flavorings, etc.

Kitchen & baking tools:

Meal prep:

Online purchasing:

Protein powder: