#Moderation365 Mindset Tips For Thanksgiving Day

Just a reminder that my first book, The Savior’s Heart: Lessons of Truth From The Gospel of Mark is now available for purchase here! Ordering your signed copy through my site helps cover the costs it took for publication—and supports my work in the cost of publishing future books too! I have many ideas on my heart that I believe the Lord has inspired. Ok, on to today’s post!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I want to address a few things. Consider these gentle reminders for ways that many might struggle. It’s your permission to plan ahead for what will be best for you this holiday! When we practice #Moderation365, we should navigate holidays in much the same way we do any day of the year. Share this post with a friend or family member if you found it helpful!

👉🏼 You can choose to track /workout / drink that day, or choose not to. Neither is “good” or “bad.” There’s just what’s best for you. Best for you considers how you will feel physically and mentally if you do or don’t.

👉🏼 You can choose to have leftovers after Thanksgiving day, or choose not to. Neither is right or wrong. There’s just what’s best for you. Best for you considers how you will feel physically and mentally if you do or don’t.

👉🏼 You do not need to adjust what you eat leading up to the meal, or what you eat after. Restriction before only sets us up for overdoing it at the meal. Restricting after only sets us up to continue yo-yoing between deprivation and indulgence.

👉🏼 Eat mindfully and check in to make sure you are enjoying every bite. You’re aiming for satisfaction just like any other day of the year. You don’t have to eat anything that’s not worth it out of guilt because someone made it. You don’t have to finish anything that isn’t as delicious as you expected it to be.

👉🏼 Eating to the point of 80% fullness it a great practice to follow, even on holidays. You don’t have to finish anything left on your plate once you are comfortably full; it will be there later if you want it.

👉🏼 Practice permission-based eating. Meaning, say yes to having what you truly want. Food FOMO is what creates

the scarcity situation that leads to overeating. Allowing yourself to have the food will actually lead a lower likelihood of over-eating, not a greater likelihood.

👉🏼 You don’t have to explain your choices to anyone who comments. However, if food comments or food pushers are historically a stressor for you, have go-to responses that end the conversation politely but firmly. “I’m making choices that make me feel my best physically and mentally” is a great catch-all, regardless of how you are planning to approach your food and activity choices. DM me if you want to troubleshoot specific things based on what you know might be coming!

👉🏼 Don’t make decisions based on fear. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your decisions if you find yourself in any point of confusion. Be excited about showing others what #FoodFreedom looks like!

👉🏼 Whether things go as planned or not, don’t judge yourself! Don’t use guilt or remorse or shame in the event that things do not turn out as expected. This is a forever practice and you are always able to learn from any situation. Go right back to moderate and mindful choices at the next meal. Saying “what the heck! I already blew it and might as well keep going” is not the answer.

If there’s anything I didn’t include above which you are stressing about, shoot me an email here or feel free to ask in the comments and let’s troubleshoot it now so you’re confident on Thursday!

Reader Questions:
1/ Which thought resonated with you most?
2/ What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Mine is definitely turkey (dark meat only) with gravy followed closely by green bean casserole!

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