#GiveMe30HabitProject 11.01.2020 {Ask Jesus}

Welcome to the 23rd habit in the #GiveMe30HabitProject!!

See this post for all the details and backstory!


This month’s habit is to include the Lord in your day to day life by learning to “ask Jesus!”

I recently listened to the book Walking With God by John Eldridge on Audible. I’m struck by how poorly I do in the arena of fellowship and conversation with God throughout my day.

Scripture says to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Most of us know the stories in scripture of how the great characters of the Bible walked and talked with God. We idolize them as having something we don’t or being different than us somehow, but the Bible also says that they were ordinary men/women just like us (James 5:17)! This means that we are just like them and should be able to have a conversational relationship and intimacy with God in the same way. I’m not saying we’re going to hear an audible voice, but only that if we practice a posture of including God, it will begin to become more natural to fellowship with Him.

I find that I am very good about carving out morning time for Bible study and prayer, but as the day goes on I forget to maintain this level of intimacy. Sometimes my attitude and actions suffer as a result.

So, my habit practice for this month is to include Jesus by “asking Jesus.” What exactly does that mean? Well, the simplest way I could come up with to try to walk in continuous relationship with God throughout the day was to start asking Jesus about things as they come up. I think that getting in the habit of asking Him what His opinion on every detail throughout our day opens the door for us to be able to hear Him. It also Gets us in the habit of talking with Him because we’re LISTENING for an answer or guidance or direction of some kind.

The next step in including Him would be to start thanking Him as well—especially when He starts answering your questions. I think it’s also important that we share these occurrences with others so that we solidify the reality of what’s taking place in our life and encourage them to embark on a similar path to deeper relationship with the Lord.

OK, so now that you have an idea of what the habit looks in practice and the benefits of practicing it, it’s your turn! You don’t have to do every single one of these, but these are some ideas for you to implement.

  • Every day for the next 30 days, find a way to ask Jesus when things pop up.
    • Practical Tips: Come up with a way to remind yourself so that you don’t forget the new habit! Use things like confusion, stress, worry, etc. as a trigger to turn to Him.

🚨 Don’t forget to share this project with others! You can share the link to this blog post as a status/post on Facebook. Feel free to save and use the image from this post, or use the ones I’ll have on my Instagram page. Whatever other means you have to get more involvement will make this project more fruitful! Tweet, email, pin on Pinterest, etc.

Also, I encourage you to keep track of your journey and use the hashtag #GiveMe30HabitProject on social media. Please tag me in your habit progress and insights! I’ll also be glad to troubleshoot sticking points. I’m Kaci M Byrd Cheeseman on Facebook and @CheeseGirlPA on Instagram.

If you want to check in daily for accountability, you can post either a photo and/or status and use #GiveMe30HabitProject #Day1, #GiveMe30HabitProject #Day2, so on and so forth. I’d love to see how it goes and repost—only if you give me permission, of course! I’ll be searching the hashtag to see who is joining in.

Reader Questions:
Do you have method for checking in with the Lord multiple times throughout the day?
2/ What is the best way you have found to keep continual fellowship with Him?

Remember: What is it you want to achieve? Who do you want to become? How do you want to serve others? You may not know how to get there, or even how to get started. I just ask that you trust me and help spread the message to others so they can become involved. Keep showing up, and together we will get you there, one 30 day habit at a time!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!!

| Kaci

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