How To Be S.M.A.R.T. About Habit-Based Goals!

❓Don’t know where to begin with making changes and getting started on your goals? Don’t don’t overthink it! You just need to get started! Remember that all things will eventually get accomplished if you commit to making sustainable changes for the long-term. Stop looking for the best way and make your own way!

❓Stuck worrying about the outcomes? Keep in mind that habit-based actions are superior to outcome-focused goals. Said another way, if you focus on the actions, the outcomes take care of themselves.

❓Frustrated by your lack of progress? Please know that expectations of what the process “should” look like aren’t helpful. More often than not, it’s unmet expectations which actually lead to disappointment, but we think it’s our inability to make change. Be open to how the journey unfolds instead of rigid about how you think it should go.

🚀 To get started today, think of one habit-based goal that you will commit to grow in over the course of 6 weeks!
🌱 Remember, it’s about GROWTH, not perfect implementation!
🎉 Any progress is to be celebrated along the way!

🚨 Try to make it SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound).

📝 Specific: no grey about the action. It’s concrete and clearly defined.
📈 Measurable: what gets tracked and/or reviewed gets accomplished. You can measure the habit itself or the outcome it provides. (Ex: track 30 minutes exercise or track how it makes you feel afterwards, or both).
🏃🏻‍♀️ Actionable: it is something you can do rather than a vague concept and you know what steps to take in order to complete it.
⚖️ Realistic: you have time time and resources to commit to it in this season of life without getting thrown off balance in areas which are priorities.
⏰ Time-bound: have a time and place for it scheduled if possible so that there’s no confusion over when it will happen.

I’ll start! I’m going to focus on an earlier bedtime by at least 30 minutes (specific) on at least 5 days a week (realistic) so that I get better quality sleep (measurable). I’ll do so by starting my nighttime routine (actionable) at least 30 minutes sooner (time-specific).

Reader Questions:
1/ What habit-based goal will you start growing in today?
2/ What part of this stood out to you as the most eye-opening?

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