How To Track Gourmet Cookies

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After my PDX Cookie Co and Waffle Queen Wookie reviews, I had several requests to explain how I track gourmet cookies when they don’t have any nutrition info provided. As I mentioned in yesterday’s #DessertEveryDay post, sometimes I track indulgent treats like this and sometimes I don’t. If I don’t track them, it’s because I’m using them as one of my free meals (aka splurge/cheat/untracked meals). In that instance, my nutrition the rest of the day will be normal (I don’t compensate). I will track breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, then just don’t track the dessert. I will try to add in some extra protein somewhere in my day if I’m having an indulgent dessert instead of my usual higher protein dessert, since I know I’ll be lower in protein without it.

When I do track these types of cookies, I usually fit them in using a macro cycling approach. I weigh out the number of ounces I had and track using a custom recipe I made in the LoseIt app. My total calories and protein for the day are my main targets in this case. I let carbs and fats fall where they may, but honestly they usually end up close. On the days where I track the indulgent desserts, I do sometimes end up adjusting foods throughout the day to slightly lower calorie options so that I do make them fit into my overall calories. The volume of food is always the same though, because #BottomlessPit 😂

Most of the gourmet cookie companies online do not provide macros for their products. The reason for this is that they rotate new flavors on a week to week or month to month basis. The cost to have a food product analyzed is not practical because the item is not produced on a routine basis and analysis is major $$. Besides that, by the time they get information back, the product would no longer be in stock for sale because it takes so long. All is not lost, because you can estimate which is better than nothing!

To create the nutrition estimate for tracking cookies with no nutrition provided, I used the nutrition facts for one of the 2 ounce cookies from Great American Cookie Company (nutrition on their site). I used the nutrition for their highest calorie cookies just to err on the side of overshooting. I did this because PDX and other gourmet cookie companies have a crap more chocolate chips and other mix-ins than GAC does. I’m sure the stats are off to some extent, but it’s close enough! 👊🏼

I created a custom recipe entry in the LoseIt! app called “PDX Cookie.” Since PDX cookies are anywhere from 5-6oz, I made the recipe a 5 oz cookie in terms of the nutrition (obtained as described above). I plugged in custom nutrition by multiplying 2.5x the 2 oz GAC cookie nutrition info (since 2.5 x 2oz = 5 oz). Then I made the recipe have 5 servings. All I do to track is weigh how many oz I eat and then that’s number of servings I log (since oz is equal to the servings for the recipe) in my meal! Recipe with nutrition shown below.

For Waffle Queen Wookies, you can use the nutrition info below to estimate for tracking purposes. This recipe was created based off of the owner’s combined average of her most popular Wookies weighing 5-6 oz. Again, create a custom recipe in your tracking app with the following data, then log how many ounces you eat. I aired on the side of caution as before and put in the nutrition for a 5 ounce cookie.

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