Kaci’s Friday Find — Waffle Queen Wookies!

I have another cookie company review for you this week! In case you missed my first cookie review post, head here.

After trying wookies for the first time this week, I immediately knew I had to feature my #WookieExperience as this week’s Friday find post! Shoutout again to @MiniToMighty (aka Dani) in Instagram for the heads up on Waffle Queen Wookies! She never steers me wrong on the best goodies! 😋

My order!

Each month, @TheRealWaffleQueen (aka Sky) comes up with a theme for a limited edition 4 pack and creates a custom wookie for the featured wookie monster of the month based on their favorite flavors. This month was a Girl Scout cookie flavor pack and Dani’s flavor creation (the Mighty Filthy) was featured as the wookie of the month. I knew I wanted to order at some point, but I was sold on trying them with those flavors available to order at the same time. I also ordered a couple of the wookies she stocks on an ongoing basis while I was at it!

Scout’s Honor pack (photo from WQW site)

There’s several things that make these cookies unlike anything I’ve tried before. First thing is the waffled cookie. Hence the name “wookie.” The cookies are baked in a waffle pan which creates a unique effect on the bottom (see below for examples). Next is the texture. As I was eating them, I couldn’t help but think that the texture reminded me of something, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first. Then it hit me. You know how homemade brownies have that crunchy edge and gooey center after they cool? Well that’s what exactly what these cookies feel like as you eat them. I think it’s the magic of cooking them in the waffle pan in combination with her dough recipe. The other thing is the flavor. They are incredibly unique. Not overly sweet and the flavor profile of each really shines through. You can appreciate the flavor of the dough, but also the fun mix-ins and toppings don’t get lost because it’s perfectly balanced.

Mighty Filthy wookie (photo from WQW site)

I ordered the Scout’s Honor pack (Samoa, Thin Mint, Lemonaide, and Tagalong), Mighty Filthy, Red Velvet, and Cookies & Cream. They ranged from 5-8 oz. Don’t sleep on this month’s custom pack or wookie of the month! They will restock Monday and sell out ASAP. Use Dani’s code “Mighty” to save when you order here!

Mighty Filthy
Red Velvet
Cookies & Cream
Thin Mint
Waffled texture of Somoa
Waffles texture of Mighty Filthy

Wookies will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks and in the freezer for several months. Shipping turnaround is approximately a week depending on when you order.

Packaging was phenomenal! They were double boxed for protection and had bubble wrap on the inner box. Sky also includes a hand written note and decorates the box with tissue paper and confetti!

Sky provides approximate macros based on an average of her OG cookies which you can find in MFP and add to LoseIt or another tracking app. I will do a post soon on how I use calorie cycling (alternating high and low days) to fit treats like this in every other day without exceeding my weekly totals (and to help me meet calorie needs for my #ReverseDiet while also eating #HighVolumeFood, because I’m a bottomless pit 😂). Y’all know I do #DessertEveryDay and encourage others to do the same in order to stay in track with healthy eating. Remember that not every dessert has to be a protein dessert!

You can eat foods like this on occasion WITHOUT guilt and still maintain or even make process! Sometimes I track these, other times they are part of an untracked meal. If you want to learn how, head here to find out more about working with me in my #MealMasteryMentorship and here to learn more about getting custom macros!

I will do a follow up post on how I have #DessertEveryDay while staying in my overall macros by using calorie cycling high and low days with my macros. I’ll also do another post covering how to macro cycle in detail so you can enjoy foods like this, restaurant meals, BBQs / special events, etc. and still maintain or even lose weight!

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you tried these yet?
2/ Which looks best to you?

Questions? Lemmie know!👇🏼

P.S. If you are interested in getting a custom set of macros, you can find out more here. If you want something more in-depth which will help you learn #Moderation365 nutrition strategies like #DessertEveryDay and how to eat in a way you love and still get results, you can get 1:1 coaching via my Meal Mastery Mentorship. You can head to this link to find out more.

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