“Toward Goal” vs “Away From Problem”

“What you do and what you want are constantly warring with one another.” –Dr. Kashey

We all have times when what we want and what we actually do are not aligned. Said another way, we all have times when our behaviors don’t translate to moving us closer to our desired outcomes.

When this happens, do you “stew” or do you do?

Stewing (aka focusing on the problems) may seem like the logical solution. But is it? While it might appear that identifying the root issue is requisite to finding a way forward, in some instances, it isn’t always readily identifiable. And even if it is, you don’t need to know the problem in order to take action in a constructive manner. 🤯

Focusing on problems won’t move you towards your desired outcome. If anything, it just leaves you more frustrated and less likely to think logically and constructively. “Away from pain” is not the best modus.

“Doing” on the other hand (aka taking action), will provide you with feedback. This feedback is something which you can then use to make logical and constructive decisions about what’s taking place—and it works whether you know the root cause or not. 🤯🤯

Think about it like this. If you’re in debt, do you need to know exactly how you got there? When first answering you might think, “Of course. If I know how I got there, I can stop doing those things.” True to some extent, yes. But you could also look at where you are now and simply start doing the things you know lead to better management of money here in the present moment. Ruminating on past failure will only discourage you. Focusing on constructive behavior will lead to productive outcomes in and of itself. “Toward goal” is a much better modus.

TL/DR: To resolve the war, think “toward goal” vs “away from problem.” It’s a subtle statement, but a major perspective shift which has tremendous implications.

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| Kaci

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