Five Tips To Help Hit Your Protein Intake {FTT}

The 2 macronutrients I see clients struggle to hit the most are protein and fats. This week I will cover how to simplify increasing your protein intake, and next week will cover fats! I actually did a previous #FiveTipsTuesday post which you can find here on increasing protein, but I feel like an updated version would be helpful because most of that post centered around powders/supplements, not whole food sources.

For more on the importance of protein, see this post.

1️⃣ Increase your serving size. One of the easiest ways to increase protein intake is to up

what you may currently be consuming. If you have 4oz of meat at a meal, increase to 6. If you have 3 eggs/egg whites, try adding a couple more whites. Instead of having a single serving Greek yogurt that is 5oz, buy a big container and have 8oz.

2️⃣ Pre-log to check totals. If you track using an app, plug in your protein numbers at the start of the day. This will give you an idea what meals and snacks fall short so you can add more in. The last thing you want to do is be cramming down a ton of protein at the end of the day to hit your goal. That’s not going to be fun on your G.I. system. Research also shows that a more steady intake of protein throughout the day to be superior to mega packed meals.

3️⃣ Mix proteins. You don’t necessarily have to eat all one kind of protein at a meal. You can make egg white scrambles/omelettes with turkey bacon or sausage, add egg whites to meatloaf, stir protein powder in your Greek yogurt, etc.

4️⃣ Add pasteurized egg whites to #AllTheThings. It may sound odd, but they are flavorless and versatile. You can use them raw or cooked. I use them to reconstitute my PB2 instead of using water. Add cooked whites to dips/hummus (blend it up after they have cooled so it’s smooth). Toss an egg white cloud (a la @lorifitlife) on a salad or on a sandwich, etc.

5️⃣ Make dips, sauces, soups, and condiments with plain Greek yogurt/skyr or cottage cheese. You can add dip packets to either instead of using sour cream. Cottage cheese actually melts really well if you heat it up. Add either to soup for a creamy protein packed version. Making Alfredo with either as the base is amazing. Even better if you mix it with marinara sauce. Greek yogurt cream cheese is also great in these ways too, especially if you need the fats!

Reader Questions:
1️⃣ What tip would you add to this list?
2️⃣ Which of these tips sound mist useful?

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