Macro Friendly Mondays —French Toast Rice Cakes!

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This was random, but so good! I love coming up with new combinations for rice cakes pre-work out. #PreWorkoutProteinRiceCakes

P.S. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Quaker plain rice cakes are actually made with brown rice! In my opinion, they are much tastier, have better nutrition stats, and are less expensive than brands marketed as being “brown rice.”

👉🏼 3 Quaker lightly salted rice cakes (customize number per carb needs; you could easily spread the egg whites between four or five if you wanted)
👉🏼 Mix 46g liquid egg whites, a generous sprinkle of cinnamon (to taste), pinch salt, and 3 packets of Splenda (or sweetener of choice to taste) in a bowl.
👉🏼 Heat a pan on medium / high so it’s good and ready before starting to cook. Spray pan with cooking spray, drizzle 1/3 the egg mixture in a circle and quickly press down a rice cake into it with a spatula because if you do it with your bare hand, you’ll get burned (the steam / heat freaking comes through the rice cakes directly). #LearnedTheHardWay
👉🏼 Repeat with each rice cake. Once they start to crisp up, you can fold over the edges underneath that may have accumulated around each rice cake.

140 calories
8g P
0g F
24g C

📌 Don’t forget to save for later!

Reader Questions:
1/ What is your favorite way to top rice cake?
2/ What else could you think of to turn into French toast?

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