How To End Food Fixation: Permission-Based Eating

Enjoy food more = end overeating. This may seem counter-intuitive at first, and for those who struggle with feeling out of control around food, it might seem downright scary at first to try it as a solution to the struggle. At the end of the day, living in a constant tug of war between the extremes of all-or-nothing and out of control is no way to live at all. There is a better way than the restrict then binge cycle.

Meals don’t happen in isolation. Deprivation early in the day causes repercussions later in the day. White knuckling it through the first part of the week results in a weekend rebound. Whether you’re not eating enough for your activity level or restricting foods that you think you “shouldn’t have,” it’s only a matter of time before things backfire. The harder you push against your psychology and physiology, the less control you will have when they push back. There isn’t something wrong with us for overeating. It’s literally just the body and mind reacting to what it’s up against.

How does this process start? When we over-eat, our natural response is to “tighten up” and “do better.” Dieting harder to compensate and restricting foods you feel out of control with are actually the problem, not the solution. There is a better way to navigate things. Permission-based eating allows the illicitness around certain foods to dissipate. When they aren’t “off limits” suddenly the urgency to get them all in before they are gone disappears.

So how do we break free? Keeping in mind that binging is the result of restriction, we stop restricting and start practicing permission to mindfully enjoy all foods. When we learn to enjoy each and every meal as much as possible, rather than hold out on what it is we truly want, there’s nothing left on the table to cause food fixation. That’s not to say that every meal needs to be a gourmet experience, only that it needs to be something satisfying enough that you aren’t still thinking about food after you finish your meal.

Can’t wait to cover more of the Moderation 365 principles in depth when my program launches!

Reader Questions:
1/ Have you ever noticed that giving yourself permission to enjoy food makes it less powerful?
2/ How can you implement this idea in your own life?

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