What Gets Measured Gets Managed

What gets measured gets managed… if you use the data on purpose and with purpose.

By virtue of the Hawthorne effect, the simple act of monitoring and tracking results in better outcomes.

This can be applied to almost anything – behaviors, finances, what we eat, workouts, etc. The intent is to build awareness.

If we aren’t aware of the inconsistencies between what we say we want and what we actually do, how can we expect to identify and implement the interventions which will facilitate our desired outcome?

Quantifying what you’re looking to improve results in increased awareness. It also offers a form of built in accountability—you can’t deny what the data says.

Many of us—consciously or not—avoid data collection because it makes us painfully aware of where things fall short. But it’s purpose is to inform you, not for you to use it to judge yourself as “good” or “bad.” Stop attaching labels to yourself based on metrics.

Flip the way you see it. Data isn’t positive or negative, it’s neutral. It doesn’t quantify you as a person or determine your value. It allows you to see the gap in where you are and where you want to be. This helps you to identify incongruencies in what you say you want and your current actions. Once you identify these, you can make adjustments so that you align your behaviors with your desired outcomes. You can then focus on building the skills necessary to close the gap, rather than beating yourself up about where you fall short.

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| Kaci

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