Macro Friendly Mondays — WW 7 Layer Salad!

🥗 Got a new #MacroMicroBowl idea for ya!

I grew up eating Weight Watchers 7 layer salad; it was a family favorite. I could l seriously smash half of a tray of that stuff at once, easy. Wanted to see if I could make it a bit more #macrofriendly for a meal-sized serving, and here’s what I came up with!

🥣 Ingredients:
-6 ounce bag butter lettuce
-1 oz white onion, diced
-2 oz frozen peas (don’t cook)
-1 oz Cracker Barrel Cheese 2% extra sharp cheddar cheese, grated
-4 strips center cut bacon cooked and crumbled (I tried to remove fatty parts after cooking and just use the meat; macros include an entry that was for meat only)
-4 tbsp (60g) light miracle whip
-1 packet Splenda
-15g liquid egg whites (carton kind)

👩🏻‍🍳 Directions:
-In a large mixing bowl, spread your butter lettuce evenly and break up any chunks.
-Mix the miracle whip, liquid egg whites, and packet of Splenda in a small bowl, then drop by spoonfuls on top of the lettuce.
-Sprinkle diced onion.
-Sprinkle the frozen peas.
-Sprinkle the cheese.
-Sprinkle the bacon.

🚨 Best if you let it sit for a few hours or overnight.

📝 Definitely #mealprep friendly if you duplicate ingredients for the number of meals desired, but I would recommend assembling each salad the night before and not all at once so they don’t get soggy. I got five bags of lettuce and enough of the topping ingredients to make one of these for each day as part of my lunches this week. You could add chicken breast as the protein. I’ve seen people add raw chopped cauliflower and tomatoes as well. You could always adjust toppings to meet macro needs… Lower fat cheese, less bacon, etc.

Nutrition breakdown as listed (about 13 oz):
345 Calories
16.5 Fat
25.1 Carb
22.4 Protein

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Reader Questions:

1/ Have you ever had the classic version of this salad?
2/ What is your favorite WW recipe?

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