Meal Plan Template {Free Download!}

Whether you are interested in learning how to meal prep, but don’t love the idea of eating leftovers ad nauseam, don’t know how to choose a recipe, aren’t sure how to schedule you meals, or all of the above, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with this one, simple tool!

Recommended Recipe: Adapted Eats Broccoli & Sun-dried Tomato Meatballs

Shout out to Maggie of Adapted Eats (Instagram page @adaptedeats) who created the most amazing meatball recipe I think I’ve ever tried! You guys have got to try these and follow her blog for more healthy, delicious recipes! This got added to my list of favorite meal prep recipes! You can that Pinterest Board here….

Recommended Recipe: Dashing Dish’s Pizza Chicken Salad

    Who doesn’t love PIZZA?!! My lunches for the last week were so good, I had to share! I is no secret that I love Dashing Dish recipes! I made the Pizza Chicken Salad for my lunches at work, and it was amazing! Plus, so much healthier than pizza! If you are looking for another…

The Ultimate Healthy Convenience Item List for #MinimalistMealPrep

My personal meal prep method has evolved to be this: spend as little time as possible to get the job done (#MinimalistMealPrep). Instead of doing everything myself or making everything from scratch, I find shortcuts where I can that don’t sacrifice health in the process. I want to encourage others to do the same, especially…

3 Ingredient #OneBowlMeal Recipe

I randomly decided to add a packet of BBQ Chicken of the Sea Salmon to my go-to evening snack as of late, and it turned out delicious! I wanted some extra protein and also wanted something easy, hence the idea. It turned out so good, I have been eating it on the regular as a…