Why I Don’t Prescribe Meal Plans

Just a reminder that my first book, The Savior’s Heart: Lessons of Truth From The Gospel of Mark is now available for purchase here! Ordering your signed copy through my site helps cover the costs it took for publication—and supports my work in the cost of publishing future books too! I have many ideas on my heart that I believe the Lord has inspired. Ok, on to today’s post!

📝 Why I don’t prescribe meal plans. It’s very similar to the saying “teach a man fish…”

My coaching approach is to empower women so that at some point they outgrow the need for coaching. I want to teach you skills that you learn once and practice forever. If I give you a meal plan, you’ll prep and eat for a week… then you’ll likely get bored and give up. If I teach you how to #LikeHowYouEat, you now have a sustainable process that works… regardless of the situation or season of life you are in.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy seeing other people’s meals. It’s great inspiration for trying new recipes. But if you’ve ever tried the “just follow this meal plan” method and then felt like there was something wrong with you for not being able to sustain it, please hear me: the problem is the plan, not you. How could you be expected to sustain it? Sure, I could write you a plan, but I don’t know your unique food preferences and needs, and if you’re struggling, you probably don’t either! However, what I do know is how to help you figure that out. If we work together to troubleshoot the process in real time, then we are onto something: your forever plan.

My #MealMasteryMentorship was designed for this exact process. You get me to check in with daily via email or voxer (audio and text app). Think of it as having a coach in your back pocket until you feel comfortable and confident enough to coach yourself.

You’re going to have to eat for the rest of your life, so why not figure it out once and for all?! End the frustration. End the stress. Put your mental energy into things that actually matter instead of constant confusion and second guessing your food choices. Ready to do the thing? Head to this link to find out more! Whether you want to track macros or not, this program gives you everything you need to understand once and for all what nutritional approach works best for you!

Reader Questions:
1️⃣ What has been your experience with meal plans in the past?
2️⃣ What’s your biggest struggle with your food choices? I’d love to help troubleshoot a solution!

P.S. You can also email me if you think you might want to work together! We can set up a free discovery call! The goal of my coaching is to get you to a place where you no longer need a coach.

If you are interested in getting a custom set of macros, you can find out more here. If you want something more in-depth which will help you learn #Moderation365 nutrition strategies like #DessertEveryDay and how to eat in a way you love and still get results, you can get 1:1 coaching via my Meal Mastery Mentorship that I discussed in this post. You can head to this link to find out more.

If you just want to stick your toe in the water and see what it’s like, then my Meal Mastery Nutrition Audit has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee! So no excuses!!! Find out about it at this link.

If you are interested in working on a specific habit and need someone to help you troubleshoot, keep you motivated, and hold you accountable, I offer coaching a variety of ways, which you can learn more about here.

My specialty is habit change and my approach is to work on mindset alongside the habit, so that it is healthy and sustainable, and this is best done via 1:1 Coaching which you can learn about here. Whether it involves your health, finances, nutrition, exercise, relationships, or personal growth, habits are the key to success. We are the outcome of what we repeatedly do. Without addressing that, there can be no change. Learn more here!

P.P.S. I will be increasing my 1:1 coaching prices after I have my new #Moderation365 certification. Current clients will be grandfathered in at their current rate as long as they don’t lapse, but for those who are wanting to enroll as a new client, I would do so now if you are on the fence!

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