Five Tips for Accurate Macro Tracking

So you’ve been diligent about tracking and your workouts, but it doesn’t reflect in measurements, how your clothing feels, what you see in the mirror, or the number on the scale (remember that changes in some but not others does indicate progress). You don’t understand why you’re not seeing results. You definitely understand the basics, so what gives? Today I’m covering 5 common tracking mistakes (plus a bonus tip!) that may have you unknowingly eating back your calorie deficit! Read on, then let me know which tip was most eye-opening!

1️⃣ Use a digital kitchen scale. I know this might seem excessive, but if you truly aren’t seeing results for your diligent efforts, eyeballing portions may be the culprit. Make sure you are tracking according to grams / ounces for everything. If not, especially for packaged foods, the measurements can be significantly off! A 1/2 cup of oatmeal measured with a measuring cup can be much different then a 40g serving. Ex: my 1 cup measuring cup holds 100g, which is 2.5 servings instead of 2; that kind of thing can add up. Bread slices or wraps may be off by up to 1.5 servings in my experience! Weigh and log precisely!

2️⃣ Double check nutrition entries. Don’t assume that an entry is accurate, even when you scan a barcode. Nutrition labels change when companies update products. People enter them wrong to begin with. Make sure the one you select matches the item you are tracking. This goes for things that don’t have nutrition labels as well. Fruits, veggies, and meat can often vary in nutrition from entry to entry, so I recommend using the USDA database to verify if you’re new to tracking. You can always create your own entry with accurate nutrition if you cannot find it.

3️⃣ Use correct weight for foods you cook. If you are tracking something that gets cooked, keep in mind that the weight will change before and after cooking. For something like pasta, the weight is going to go up because it absorbs water. For something like meat, it will go down because moisture gets cooked off. Weigh your food raw, then find an entry that correlates to the raw food by weight. Once you’ve cooked it, you won’t have to weigh it again. Note: batch cooking is different than single serving which is what I’m describing here; I have an IGTV video that explains how to make a recipe and weigh out single servings.

4️⃣ Guesstimate when you can’t get nutrition. Sometimes there’s just no way to get nutrition information for something. Perhaps you’re at a restaurant with absolutely no nutrition information available. Or you’re at a friend’s house and can’t ask how the recipe was made. Don’t just skip tracking. Do your best to find an entry that you think matches so that you stay accountable! Close is always better than not trying.

5️⃣ Use common sense when dining out. Even with restaurants that provide nutrition information, what you are served can vary based on how heavy-handed (or stingy!) an employee/chef is. There are times when I order from Moe’s that I clearly end up with more than 1 serving of something like the Carnitas or guacamole. I don’t just pretend that what looks like a double serving is one; I log it as two. Be realistic!

🎰 Bonus: Do not add the calories burned during your workout to your intake. When your coach set your macros, your activity level is taken into account!

| Kaci

Reader Questions:
1/ Which tip is most eye-opening?
2/ What else can I answer about tracking that you may wonder about?

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