Life Update + Exciting Coaching Changes!

Personalized nutrition and cognitive recalibration to transform your body—and life!

Hi friends!

I just wanted to give a quick update on what is taking place in my world and where I stand with coaching.

I’m in the process of transitioning under the umbrella of Trevor Kashey Nutrition. I’m thrilled to say that this will allow me to offer even more to my clients than what I am able to do on my own right now. Instead of just me, there will be me plus an entire army!

The TKN community includes:
👉🏼 The ability to learn from world-renowned founder Dr. Trevor Kashey. Besides earning a degree in nutrition and a doctorate in biochemistry before the age most people graduate college, Dr. Kashey has worked with everyone from elite athletes and Olympic gold medalists to high performing entrepreneurs to “everyday” individuals and type 1 diabetics. He founded TKN with the goals of transforming lives. However, as you can see from our testimonials, there’s a pretty significant side effect of physical transformation as well!

👉🏼 A closed group community of over 5,000 members who are currently working on their own goals. You’ll be able to talk with one another, learn from one another, and share your wins along the way. If you want a peek into what that community gets, you can join the Free group here. Add me as a friend on my TKN account here and I will approve you to join!

👉🏼 Multiple coaches and programs facilitators. All of these individuals have walked through their own life-altering journeys. These people know what it’s like to struggle, so they know exactly what you need to succeed. Besides being walking testimonials of what is possible for you to achieve (weight loss >100 lbs, recovery from the brink of suicide, reversing medical conditions and coming off medications, improving pain and function, etc.) they are also industry leaders and experts in the areas of mindset, nutrition, exercise, etc.

👉🏼 Your own Primary Support (aka the fancy title we give our personal coaches) to work with you daily one-on-one to skyrocket your success as you navigate everything that’s involved in working through the program together. With their help, you’ll break free from the yo-yo cycle of dieting and unsustainable methods once and for all, identify the obstacles and challenges specific to you which have kept you from achieving your goals, develop a game plan for overcoming these challenges and obstacles so that they never trip you up again, create a personalized roadmap to success, and design a lifestyle approach to nutrition and physical activity that you’ll actually fall in love with. This is the key to success—not simply achieving results, but sustaining them.

👉🏼 Unlimited access to over 450 training videos from Dr. Kashey. These cover things like how to survive the holidays / vacations /common social situations that historically derail your progress, to how to stop self-sabotage, what to do if you have an unsupportive spouse / partner / family, how to develop the habits and skills required to be what it takes to get the outcomes you desire, and more.

The TKN program is not like any other program out there. It’s not a cookie cutter plan. Everything is 100% custom to you. There’s no cutting out foods you enjoy. Any dietary approach you have (macros, vegan, etc.) works with our program, all levels of knowledge (beginners, athletes, etc.) are welcome, and all foods have a place. We don’t care what you eat, we care why you eat it. When that gets addressed, you’ll never struggle with an understanding of what and how to eat again. Ever.

There’s no strict exercise protocol. We offer help with training if you need it, but we don’t prescribe one method of exercise as the end-all-be-all method. Really, we just care whether or not you enjoy it. Because if you enjoy it, you’ll actually do it, and if you actually do it, you’ll get results.

This is why our clients get the outcomes they do when working with us. This is why the program is guaranteed.

So how am I involved?
At the moment, I am working part time for TKN as a Program Specialist. In my present role, I help to connect and onboard our new clients. You can find out more about what we offer at TKN here. You can schedule a free call with me here if you want even more details on what we do, how our program works, and how we help people reach their goals!

🚨 The main site call schedule link won’t guarantee you to be chatting with me, so be sure to through 👉🏼 this link 👈🏼 if you do book a call! 🚨

So what exactly does this mean for my coaching?
I am no longer taking new clients for my Meal Mastery Mentorship or my other 1:1 coaching options. I am still offering custom macros (for now) and you can get that here. Even that will phase out. My 12 week custom training program will remain available indefinitely.

Looking ahead to the future, I plan to be able to offer my coaching through TKN in the form of Primary Support (aka personal coach) and/or trainer. Nothing is set in stone, but I will keep you posted as things unfold. If you enroll in one of their programs at this time, there will be a different Primary Support available to work with you, but I will be present for anything you need in the group!

I am still offering my 12 Week Custom Training Program + Female-Specific Hormonal Fat Loss Guide! If you are a TKN client, you can purchase that through them instead of at the link above for a steep discount!

What about Dashing Dish?
I am still part of the team at Dashing Dish just the same as always! Nothing has changed there!

You can follow TKN on Instagram here.
Join The Best Nutrition Group Ever here.
Listen to the Coffee With Kashey Podcast here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email here!

| Kaci

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