Lean In

The thing you’re resisting might be the very thing you need the most.

If something bumps up against your comfortable bubble, how do you respond? I’ll be the first to admit that I usually want to respond by pushing it away. But I’m learning to pause and check myself more. The truth is, comfort zones will only ever get smaller when you try to keep things the same. A healthy path of growth means expanding our territory, not shrinking it.

Knowing ourselves well allows us to draw healthy boundaries. Being guarded is not always a bad thing for this reason. Unfortunately, there will also be missed opportunities for growth to the next level if we do this every single time.

Lean into what you are resisting—especially the thing you are resisting the most. Don’t be so quick to dismiss it away. Evaluate it from all angles before deciding how to proceed. Even if you decide it’s not a heck yes, the resistance itself will tell you something. I’ll call you in on an area that might need you to do some work.

| Kaci

Reader Questions:
1/ What’s one thing you you’ve had like this pop up in your life that initially seemed scary enough to avoid, but actually served to make you better in some way?
2/ How are you going to apply this in your own life?

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