The Only Way Around Is Through! {Vlog}

Every time you avoid something, you teach yourself that it has power over you. 

By attempting to circumvent, you reinforce belief patterns that you are not capable of more than your present state.

Also, when you don’t choose to do the work of facing it, you instill a mentality that shortcuts and quick fixes are an appropriate means of addressing things. 

Most of us understand that those are not viable long-term solutions. 

But if we aren’t ready to face things head-on, we end up taking the shortcut that appears to provide a bypass.

Listen to today’s video to find out what’s required to overcome challenges and frustrations for good, and why it is necessary for lasting change to take place!

After you listen, let me know what you found most useful about this video and tag a friend who you think might benefit from listening!

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| Kaci

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