The 3 Levers of Success Coaching Framework {Vlog}

At Trevor Kashey Nutrition, we know that when you focus on becoming the person required to achieve the outcomes you are after—success as you define it—you’ll be able to attain AND sustain the goals you have in mind—and then some!

When you focus on the work of becoming the person who has the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary for success (rather than focusing on the goals themselves), the outcomes actually take care of themselves! Your goals happen as a byproduct of the permanent changes you have made. Instead of a quick fix, it is lasting and sustainable.

If you haven’t watched my previous videos outlining the TKN coaching methodology, you can find them here:
Part 1
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Today I want to chat about what exactly you can expect to get out of the KickStart program in terms of the coaching focus.

Dr. Kashey developed the TKN curriculum around 3 main levers of success: 

  • Affiliations – the people in your life
  • Aptitude – the skills you have
  • Autonomy – the decisions you make

The goal of our coaching is to work with you to acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools you need in these 3 areas in order to overcome any obstacle or challenge you may encounter and set yourself up for success.

Listen to the video as I briefly break down how we do this!

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