What Will November Bring? You Get to Decide!

And just like that, October is over and November has arrived!

I’d love to know… What’s one small, positive change you plan to make this month? How did you plan to implement it? The more clear your plan is, the better! If you need help troubleshooting how to set yourself up for success, I’d love to brainstorm with you!

The massive change we envision all begins with small wins. Truthfully! There is no need to go for max effort. Just make one little change, implement it consistently, and over time, it will compound by sparking other positive change.

One warning! Remember that implementing something new is a practice. Don’t expect it to go smoothly right from the start. Instead of getting discouraged, use feedback on what works and what doesn’t to guide you moving forward. You will figure it out as long as you don’t give up. The amazing part is that you will GROW as a result of the frustrations you encounter. That growth allows you to implement even bigger changes! This is how the massive change becomes possible.

So, hopefully that is encouraging! Let me know what you’ll be practicing this month, shoot your questions about it my way here, then share this post with a friend who you think needs to read it!

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| Kaci

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