Gold freaking nugget I got from Dr. Kashey in one of the KickStart training videos this week!

Every decision that we make will either move us in the direction of the outcome we are after, or further away from it. There’s no standstill. Even with a thought, every time you repeat it, you reinforce it.

Every thought and every decision matters as it pertains to improving the quality of our outcomes because:
1️⃣ Our outcomes are a byproduct of behaviors.
2️⃣ Our thoughts initiate behaviors. (I.e. our behaviors will follow exactly where the mind leads them).

With this holding true, we must choose to direct thoughts on purpose and with purpose if we hope to achieve better outcomes through our behaviors. The good news is that you can literally reverse engineer the process!

👉🏼 Start with your outcomes in mind.
👉🏼 Determine the behaviors required to get those outcomes.
👉🏼 Align your thoughts with what’s necessary to initiate those behaviors.

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| Kaci

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