Kaci’s Quick Life Tips — Baking Powder Potency + What YOU Have In Common With Baked Goods!

Kaci’s Quick Life Tips is a series where I’ll be sharing little nuggets and tidbits of wisdom to make life a little easier!

A common complaint I get (with regard to baking struggles) is that baked goods aren’t turning out as fluffy as they should be. Now, many factors can be the potential cause, but the most common is… baking powder! Most people don’t know that baking powder loses its potency with time. So even if it’s not expired, your baked goods will be less fluffy, especially if you don’t go through it quickly. Make sure you toss and replace your baking powder three months after opening. To remember to do this, simply write the date 3 months from the day you open it on the label or lid with a permanent marker so you you know when to toss it. You’ll never have to worry about sad baked goods again!

Some food for thought… Baking powder might not be the only thing in your life that isn’t as working as well as it should be. Two common struggles I hear ALL the time from prospective clients that lead them to book a call with me:
1 – What’s always worked for them before has no stopped working.
2 – They should be seeing better results for the effort they are giving.

Just like baked goods, this kind flat outcome could stem from a variety of places. But you have to be able to identify the source of the problem before you can overcome the struggle.

Has what you’ve done previously with predictable outcomes suddenly stopped working? Not getting results for the amount of effort you are putting in and can’t figure out why? Let us help you with your potency problems! At Trevor Kashey Nutrition, we specialize in equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to live your most effective life. A large part of that is helping you to troubleshoot common struggles and sticking points, or what we refer to as roadblocks to success!

Ready to identify and overcome your roadblocks to success once and for all? Head 👉🏼 this link 👈🏼 to schedule a FREE call with ME to learn more about how the Trevor Kashey Nutrition Kickstart program can help you live your most effective life and reach your goals!

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