Food Tips From Kaci — Check Nutrition Labels For Changes!

I’ve been doing #FoodTipsFromKaci here and there, but wanted to get formal with the series! The posts in this series will cover anything from macro hacks to tracking tips to cooking wisdom you should know about!

First up! Check the foods that you consume often for updates to the nutritional values! If you pull forward nutrition from previous meals or entered in your tracking app without checking the packaging on occasion, your numbers may be off. This might not seem significant, but it can add up if you consume the food regularly.

A few cases I’ve seen:
🫐 Frozen blueberries from Walmart. Nutrition has changed from 70Cal 1F 17C 0P to 100Cal 1.5F 24C 0P for the same serving 140g serving size.
🥜 PB2 powder peanut butter. 45Cal 1.5F 5C 5P a 12g serving to 60Cal 1.5F 5C 6P for a 13g serving. In this case, if you had totaled up the macros on the original serving, it would’ve been obvious the numbers didn’t add up to the total calories. That’s another sneaky thing you may want to check if you are looking for accuracy!
🥛 Protein powders and protein bars are another common product to get updated when ingredients change (and also notorious for discrepancies in macros totaling up to calories).

Why does this happen?
It’s likely that the nutrition was the higher amount all along for most of these products and lab testing requirements made label updates necessary, but sometimes the reason is that the ingredients change. Companies are not going to be quick to tell you about the changes unless the update is for the better.

🕵🏻‍♀️ Do your detective work and check!
✅ Even verified entries are not always accurate, especially if there’s an update to ingredients!
👀 Don’t just scan labels and / or pull forward entries, check packages that things match—especially if you notice the look of the product or packaging has changed.
➕ Create your own entries with the current / accurate information!

Reader Questions:
1/ Are there any products you have noticed updates to?
2/ Do you check for updates already?

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