I mentioned in a previous post (see here) that I believe in what we do at TKN so much that I decided to jump in full force and enroll in the Trevor Kashey Nutrition KickStart program myself! For those interested in following along, I’m going to be documenting my journey through the 12 week KickStart program under #KaciDoesKickStart! If you have Instagram and Facebook you can follow it there, but if not I’ll be cross posting here on the blog as well.

You may be wondering why I as a coach, medical provider, nutritionist, and personal trainer would be going through this program. Well frankly, I joined because I am stuck and I want to get unstuck! Honestly, I’m struggling in areas and I’m not sure why. So it’s time to get the experts to help! It seems to me that for the amount of effort I put into training and nutrition, I should be seeing the strength and muscle gains that I would like as a result. But I’m not. Part of me chalked it up to the issues I’ve had with my thyroid and hormones in general, but with those things finally in a better place, there’s got to be more going on. I really want to tackle these issues once and for all. It’s clear to me that doing it on my own is not yielding the results I’m after. So I’m swallowing my pride, asking for help, and showing up to do the work.

Is it perfect timing? Heck no! I’ve got a lot I’m juggling, especially still being fresh to my job at TKN and wanting to give my all to the team and our clients, but there is no perfect time! There never will be. It’s clear to me that you just have to decide, commit, and DO THE THING! I know this journey will make me a better employee, team member, wife, and friend.

From here on out, you can expect me to share exactly what I’m working on in real time. This is me putting myself on the hook to be accountable to making the most of my endeavor. I hope it will encourage you as I share what I learn! The program officially starts on the 31st, but we are already working through early enrollment things. 🙌🏼

I’ll be repping #TeamAlison (Alison is my KickStart facilitator AKA coach).

If you think you might be interested in enrolling in this round (or a future round) of KickStart, head to this link 👉🏼 https://tkn.as.me/kaci 👈🏼 to schedule a FREE call with ME so we can chat about enrolling in KickStart, strategize, and get you set up for success as YOU define it!

Want a taste of what working with us is like? Join The Best Nutrition Group EVER for FREE here!

| Kaci

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