#KaciDoesKickStart – Distract the Toddler!

This week as part of the KickStart Program, we are learning how to tame our inner toddler (the brat that screams for unhealthy coping mechanisms when we are stressed, bored, etc.) and say yes to ourselves instead of giving into the “child’s tantrum.” We were tasked to come up with our own distraction techniques and to share them.

The next time I feel the urge to turn to food (or any poor coping mechanism) when I am stressed, I will pause before acting and grab Tipp cat for some cuddles. Snuggles with my boy help distract me from the toddler’s cravings. I’ll also use the pause sit with the discomfort and look deeper in order to identify the trigger, then identify what I actually need to feel better instead of trying to soothe the whiny toddler with a poor coping mechanism. When I choose to focus on addressing the actual need instead of the surface level desire to placate, I will be able to see the issue for what it is. I can act then rationally and constructively instead of emotionally. This means I will strengthen my ability to say yes to myself – now AND in the future – instead of the child in me. I will also avoid creating a second problem by eating when I don’t need nourishment. Plus, when I put space between stimulus and response, there’s a chance I might actually be able to see and resolve the initial negative stimulus, rather than brushing off what’s truly taking place (assuming it’s within my power to resolve).

Let me know what you do to distract your inner toddler, or if you try this method out – with your own fur baby of course!

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