Peach Cobbler Gelatin {High Protein}

What do you do when you are craving peach cobbler, but you also want to be healthy and not wreck your gut? You get creative with @VitalProteins!!

I have been making this recipe every week or two for the last several months, so it is about time that I share it! Most often I have it on my way to work as my post-workout meal. It is super easy to make and perfect for meal prep since it makes several servings at once.

You can easily multiply or divide the recipe to make more or less, depending on your needs. I have found that the best way for me to do it is to make 10 servings (enough for 2 weeks) at a time. I portion it out into these containers and then I will freeze half of them. It thaws so well without any change in texture—you can’t even tell it was ever frozen!!

You can easily customize this recipe by changing up the fruit. My favorites are peaches and strawberries—or a mixture of both.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the long instructions…most of it is my commentary/tips. The recipe is super easy.

7/11/19 UPDATE/EDIT: See video below for an even easier, less time invasive, and less messy method using the crockpot!


You can omit the collagen without changing the taste or texture. It is simply to add an extra health boost. Both collagen and gelatin are beneficial to gut health. They also help in the health of skin, hear, and nails.

For Whole30 and Paleo compliant (and/or no artificial colors/sweeteners) omit the flavoring packets.


Peach Cobbler Gelatin



  • Place peaches in a large microwave safe bowl and cook in 5 minute intervals (stirring in between) until they thaw and reduce. After about 5-6 rounds, they will end up making their own liquids (see photos below). At this point, cover loosely and cook in 1-2 minute intervals until the are tender enough that they slice easily/fall apart with stirring. Use caution that they don’t boil over. You could also cook in a pot on the stove in order to reduce and cook until tender.
  • UPDATE/EDIT: I now put the fruit in a crockpot and cook on high until soft (about 6 hours). I got tired of my fruit boiling over in the microwave because I didn’t have a large enough bowl to prevent it! I use crockpot liners and cleanup is a breeze. Step by step photos of this coming soon!



  • After the peaches are cooked, you can use a spoon or other object with a sharp edge to dice them up a bit more, but this is optional. The OXO Chopper works really well (I just use the chopper part in the bowl I cook them in, not the OXO salad bowl). You can see in the featured image that it turns out well without dicing them, and in the image below, you can see how it turns out with some smaller pieces. A word of caution: do not blend the peaches into liquid, or it will not set. At least, not with the quantities and ratios as listed in the recipe. You could probably add more gelatin and it would turn out, but pureeing the peaches (I tried lol) ended up having the same effect as adding more liquid would have—still delicious, but it did not set.
  • jello1

  • Add cold water, gelatin, collagen, and flavors (if using) to a blender (I use one like this one) and pulse a few times to mix. (I recommend using a digital kitchen scale to measure your liquids, collagen, and gelatin).
  • Add warm water and pulse again. Don’t use hot, or the pressure builds and you’ll get splattered 
  • Mix the contents of the blender with the peaches, cover, and chill in the fridge until set. I get 10 servings (~7 oz each) from this recipe.
  • To serve, you can eat as is, or add toppings. My favorite is sprinkling with a mixture of PB2 and a Vanilla plant-based protein powder. If going for a peach cobbler replacement, try topping with a crumbled protein bar like this one, half of a protein cookie like this one, or some granola.



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Reader Questions:
1/ Do you like jello/gelatin? I know not everyone likes the texture. My BFF hates it! To the point it makes her gag… I never understood that!
2/ Have you tried collagen or gelatin for health benefits?

| Kaci





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