My Favorite Protein Powders {Plus Recipe Ideas}


Of course, most of us would do best to eat whole food sources of protein instead of powders, but there are certainly good reasons to use supplements. That being said, I thought I’d share my favorite protein powders and how I use them. Please note, some links are affiliate links. Those that are affiliate links are only attached to products I use, enjoy, and would recommend even without the privilege of teaming up with awesome companies.

(Lat Updated: 9/16/19)





Equip Build Beef Isolate Protein (previously pureWOD): I have used this product since the company launched and am in love! It is Paleo friendly, non-GMO, and only 3 ingredients for the chocolate and 4 for the vanilla. As of right now, it comes in chocolate and vanilla. I love that it is sweetened with stevia and has NOTHING artificial. I am blown away by this product. The taste is phenomenal. It has no xanthan or guar gum (hello tummy troubles!), but still manages to have a fluff/volume factor on par with any brands that do have those additives. This product was recommended by Emily Miner (see here and here), and I am super glad I listened. That girl has never steered me wrong though!

Currently cheapest on Amazon.

I used the protein to make one of my go-to post workout shakes (chocolate PB flavored). Basic recipe: 1 serving (30g) of the Build Beef Isolate, 2 TBSP (12g) PB2, 6oz almond breeze, 2 oz frozen sweet potato, a handful of ice, and a 1/2 tsp of matcha powder.

For more recipes using it see here.



Collagen Peptides: Both brands are beneficial for GI health, skin/hair/nails, bones/joints, and a good source of extra protein. I like use Vital Proteins (unflavored) for recipes like my protein gelatin! You can add them to anything, because they have no flavor and they dissolve completely. I use Perfect Keto in my coffee (love the salted caramel, but the vanilla and chocolate are also amazing). I am on thyroid medication, and cannot take my medicine with calcium containing foods/beverages. Since I take it first thing in the morning, and need my coffee ASAP upon waking, these have been a life saver in place of milk in my coffee. They also add a bit of sweetness from the stevia. They also dissolve well (much better than the vanilla Vital Proteins collagen; I found it to be gritty and it is not sweetened). I see that Perfect Keto has unflavored now too; I haven’t tried them.

Product Details

PB 2 (Bell Plantation): Vegan/vegetarian friendly. Comes in regular and chocolate. While it is not strictly a protein powder, it is very high in protein at 5g per 12g serving. You can use it it baking to replace flour, in shakes/smoothies, to make low calorie/high protein peanut butter, sweet and savory sauces, etc. Recipe ideas: here.


Baking Mix
Clutch Baking Mix

Clutch Baking Mix (Clutch Bodyshop): Currently out of stock on their site, but supposed to be back soon. Vegan/vegetarian friendly. Designed specifically for making waffles and pancakes, but also great for making other baked goods as well as smoothies and shakes. It is stevia sweetened and non-GMO. Comes in vanilla and the taste is insanely good. Sometimes I just sprinkle it on top of stuff (yogurt, fruit, etc.) or roll no bake/healthy bites in it because I enjoy the taste that much. Recipe ideas: here.


Dale’s Raw Raw Protein (Vanilla)

Dales Raw Protein: This is a raw vegan hypoallergenic blend, but don’t let that scare you! It is a very “clean” protein without any weird ingredients and is stevia sweetened. All of the flavors are good, but my favorite is the vanilla.  I tried the sample pack on my first order and have been ordering the Vanilla since the Clutch Baking Mix (also a vegan blend) has been out of stock. This company apparently went out of business. So sad!


COR-Performance Whey
Cor-Performance Whey

Cor-Performance Whey (Cellucor): Fun flavors like: mint chocolate chip, red velvet, s’mores, peanut butter marshmallow, cinnamon swirl. Their molten chocolate and whipped vanilla are excellent as far as ”basic” flavors. This protein does have low calorie/artificial sweeteners, which I know some people try to avoid. Also, they add xanthan gum, which is a thickener, and makes them fluff up fantastically. Great for smoothies, shakes, and puddings. Can be used to make #ProCheesecake, #AFLCoconutProteinCake, and the #BeltsanderBrownie (search on Instagram if you don’t know about these yet!!) no bake bars and bites, as well as baked protein goods. Recipe ideas: here.


Naturade Pea Protein, Vanilla, 15.6 oz.
Vanilla Naturade

Vanilla Pea Protein (Naturade): Vegan/vegitarian friendly. This one tastes like vanilla cake batter. It does have a combo of sweeteners, and also added thickeners. I use it for no bake and baked goods. Really good taste. I haven’t tried the chocolate. Recipe ideas: here.

Also found under the new label Vegan Smart, but it is the SAME product!!

Pea Protein.png

Salted Caramel

Quest Nutrition: These are a casein and whey protein isolate combo, so they work great for baking and not just shakes! There are amazing if you tolerate dairy. They do have some added gums/thickeners/etc. in case you are sensitive or avoiding. The flavors are amazing! Cheapest to buy on Amazon.

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