Peanut Butter & Jell-O Yogurt Bowl {Macro Friendly Mondays #1}


When I first started weight training and tracking macros about 7-8 years ago, one of my absolute favorite desserts was Greek yogurt with sugar free black cherry Jell-O! I loved it because it was super #MacroFriendly and filled me up with the volume. @lorifitlife and @_littlefitone have been posting about their Jell-O bowls recently on Instagram and I’m like, why have I forgotten about these!? My favorite addition is PB 2 powdered peanut butter. Swirl it in the yogurt, then get a bite with the Jell-O. It’s like a PB&J!🥜

My two favorite yogurts to use in this bowl are Light & Fit toasted coconut Greek and Siggi’s vanilla. Well technically Siggi’s is skyr, not yogurt, but it is very similar in taste, texture, and macros. Both are loaded with protein. I love the coconut light and fit, but if you want to avoid artificial sweeteners, go for the Siggi’s.

My absolute favorite instant Jell-O flavor is the back 🍒 and I always make it following the speed set instructions *BUT* this is KEY: use 6oz boiling water and cold water / ice to 8oz NOT 10oz. Better flavor and better texture! If you want an all natural Jell-O / no artificial additives, I have a recipe here that uses Vital Proteins gelatin and fruit. It works with pretty much any frozen fruit, and fresh fruit would work as well!

And if you need help with custom macros, I offer a 3 month Custom Macro Plan! Just head to here!

| Kaci


Reader Questions:
1/ Have you ever tried skyr?
2/ Have you ever tried Jell-O with yogurt?


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