Craving Crusher Cocoa-Nut Chia Seed Pudding


Have you heard of chia seed pudding?
Yes, the seeds like the chia pet!

Turns out that they are good for you and when mixed with liquid, will “gel” and thicken! The mix can also be used as an egg substitute in recipes for those who are egg-free!


This is a great after lunch treat, mid-afternoon snack, or even a well balanced breakfast which will keep you feeling full for hours—especially with the addition of protein (*see notes) below. You can also get creative with other mix-ins like extracts, PB2, cinnamon, matcha green tea powder, fruit, nuts, etc.

Plain pudding without mix-ins

You can even prep several at a time as part of your meal prep! It is a great alternative to overnight oats as an easy, make-ahead recipe.

Craving Crusher Cocoa-Nut Chia Seed Pudding:


  • 6 ounces Almond Breeze unsweetened coconut almond milk
  • 1 TBSP (14g) Better Body Foods Chia Seeds
  • 1 scoop of Metabolic Effect Craving Cocoa (optional, see note)*
  • Optional mix-ins (see note)*


  1. Mix chia seeds and milk well in a tupperware bowl.
  2. Cover with lid and place in the fridge overnight.
  3. Stir well, add Craving Cocoa and/or optional mix-ins and stir again before serving.


Absolutely delicious and kills those 🍫 cravings!

The next time you want a simple, healthy treat, try it! Remember, since you will need to let it sit overnight, to just make sure to plan ahead!


  • When I use the coconut almond milk, it honestly has enough flavor on its own!
  • If you don’t have the craving cocoa, you can sub 1 TBSP (5g) Hershey Special Dark cocoa powder and sweeter of choice to taste. I would recommend Sweet Leaf Stevia chocolate flavored liquid stevia drops or Splenda, or Splenda Naturals (a stevia and erythritol combo).
  • For a higher protein version, simply add your favorite protein powder! Find mine here.
  • You can also get creative with other mix-ins like extracts (my favorite are LorAnnOils Super Strength, PB2, cinnamon (this is my favorite kind), matcha green tea powder (this is my favorite brand), fruit, nuts, etc.

Macros for the recipe for those interested (this does not include the protein powder).



| Kaci


Reader Questions:
1/ Have you guys tried chia pudding before?
2/ What mix-ins would you try?



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