Victory and Freedom!

I don’t know about you, but when the Lord is trying to teach me something, He typically will visit the same things or concepts over and over via different avenues in order to create a clear and complete picture of what He is trying to teach me.

Lately it seems that the Lord keeps bringing around the ideas of victory and freedom with regard to the connection of our physical health to our spiritual health. In this circumstance, I believe the Lord is impressing this message in me because He wants to equip me and better prepare me to serve others who are going through what I have experienced and walked through previously.

The Lord gave me the following thoughts and clear imagery the other morning and I just wanted to share it in case it can help anyone.

With regard to breaking free of old habits, strongholds, and unhealthy thought patterns so that we can move forward into true freedom:

Sometimes we get frustrated when we deal with the same things over and over again. We want so badly to be done with them once and for all and finally move forward into freedom. I had this picture come into my mind of the army marching around Jericho for seven days in a row before the walls fell and their final victory came.

What I pray that we understand from this is that sometimes when the Lord takes us through something over and over again, it feels like we’re going in circles without a result. It feels as though we are failing somehow at conquering our stronghold and achieving victory and growth. In reality, each circle strengthens us while simultaneously weakening that which has a hold over us.

Just as the walls of Jerico fell without the army having to physically lay hold, when it comes to our strongholds, the final victory is the Lord’s, not ours. We do have to be faithful to take action in the way He commands us. Even if it feels like a very strange process, do what you know He is telling you to do. Sometimes you may feel a little foolish, and others may not understand what it’s all about—even you may not understand what it’s all about, but be faithful and do what you feel He is leading you to do in order to attain victory.

Sometimes the Lord does provide the means for victory in an instant, but other times it is a process. Don’t doubt your victory if it doesn’t come in the exact format or timeline you expect. There’s no reason why you can’t celebrate it even before you see it. The army marched (obedience) and shouted (praise). Your obedience and praise can call down victory!

Some final thoughts…

None of us is meant to walk through battle alone. Satan tries to isolate us so that he can whisper lies. Think about Adam and Eve in the garden… Satan waited to approach Eve when she was alone. He knew that he could sell her his lies much more easily if Adam was not there to remind her of God’s truth. That’s why there’s power in community. You have someone there to speak truth and wisdom when your doubts, fears, and Satan’s lies threaten to steal the Word of God and His promises from you.

If you don’t have a strong community of faith filled believers, I urge you to connect to your local church for support. You can also connect with a group of women who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, learning, and growing together under the wisdom of biblical truth within a safe closed Facebook group here. If you feel like you could benefit from 1:1 coaching, reach out to me here.

If you find ideas like this helpful, you can follow me on Instagram here, or on Facebook here. Sometimes I share different things there than what I share here. I’m always looking for ways that I can provide more valuable content, so if you would not mind, tell me what it is that you struggle with most, or what information would be most valuable to you. You can comment below, or send me a DM via one of the avenues above if you prefer to keep the conversation just between us.

| Kaci

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