“Having What You Want Is A Side Effect Of Being Who It Takes To Get It” {Vlog}

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Today I’m chatting about how getting what you want is a side effect of being who it takes to get it.

Translation: Focus on the “who” not strictly the “do.”

Because anyone can do a plan or program for a period of time.

But unless you focus on building a lifestyle approach unique to your situation and preferences, it’s difficult to sustain the progress you achieve while following the “plan.”

At @Trevor_Kashey_Nutrition, we know that when you focus on becoming the person required to achieve the outcomes you are after—success as you define it—you’ll be able to attain them AND sustain them.

What this means is that rather than focusing on outcomes, you focus on processes.

You shift effort towards becoming the person who has the skills, tools, and knowledge to improve the quality of your decisions and your behaviors.

When you improve the quality of your decisions and behaviors, the outcomes happen as a byproduct!

At Trevor Kashey Nutrition, this is what we aim to achieve for our clients.

@DrKashey developed his entire methodology around this concept.

In this video, I’m chatting a bit about how the Kickstart program accomplishes this for our clients!

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