My Only Food Rules + Why I Follow Them

My only food rules:

1️⃣ I don’t eat food that I don’t thoroughly enjoy. Making sure that I truly enjoy the experience means I never feel deprived.
2️⃣ I don’t eat what doesn’t make me feel my best—unless it is truly worth it and I am will to accept the consequences. When you think about how you want to feel after you eat, not just while you eat, it’s clarifying as to what decision you should make.

3️⃣ I do my best to make sure that my behaviors and thoughts surrounding what and how I eat honor the Lord. Everything we do should build into our spirit-man and not just be based on how we feel. Said another way, we should not rely on the flesh to dictate our decisions. This applies to food as much as it does anything else. If you are struggling to maintain healthy behaviors with food, remember that when you honor the Lord he will honor you back. I’m not saying that it will become easy overnight, but he will give you the strength and the ground you need to gain stable footing.

When I follow these 3 guidelines, it really is not that difficult to maintain the process. It gets easier with time. Every rep strengthens your ability to follow through with making the best possible choices.

If you missed my Instagram stores the other day, you need to know about @healing_family_eats Salmon and Prosciutto Cups (recipe can be found here)! They are going to be a staple in my #MealPrep rotation as a protein topping for my #MacroMicroBowls! Pictured is her recipe crumbled over butter lettuce (chopped with the oxo salad chopper, roasted butternut squash spirals, and Tuscan seasoned Green Giant broccoli. I made my version of @chantelhall_ifbbpro Dijon vinaigrette dressing recipe (original found here) which was fantastic on this! I will post my modifications soon!



This is what Healing Family Eats version looked like.       Photo credit: Healing Family Eats.


I made the Salmon Prosciutto Cups as a meatloaf to save time and it turned out amazing! The flavor is SO good! I did a layer of prosciutto, then the mixture, then another layer of prosciutto. My other changes / subs: I used wild caught canned salmon (the kind in like whole pieces, not the flaked kind). I also added 4 egg whites worth of liquid eggs to help it hold together. I used 2 true lemon packets instead of lemon zest / juice. Omitted the kelp as I didn’t have it / couldn’t find it in stores. See pics below of how I made it!


Not sure where to get started with the process of mastering your nutrition? Head here to check out my Meal Mastery Nutrition Audit which has a 100% money back guarantee!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!

| Kaci

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