#75Hard Day 10: Successful Outcomes + A Plant Analogy {Vlog}

#75Hard Day 10: Successful Outcomes + A Plant Analogy

Successful Outcomes (fruit) require you to POE (Prioritize, Organize, Execute).

🌱Analogy of a plant:

1️⃣ Prioritize (roots): Carefully consider and introspect on your values and goals so you start with a system that nourishes with the correct things. You want to head in a direction which aligns with good principles and your core values.

2️⃣ Organize (stalk/stem): Pause long enough to plan and put the pieces into place in a manner that will be productive. Your nourishment from the roots will not flow into the right areas if not directed properly. It takes a little bit of time, but ensures that you have the means to accomplish the next steps.

3️⃣ Execute (leaves): Discipline to follow through on the right things that you established and processes you decided upon. Staying in the heat and reaching out for the sun in order to grow and ultimately produce fruit (successful outcomes).

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