Kaci’s Friday Find — Chasing Cupcakes!

Kaci’s Friday Find is a way for me to share something I feel is useful, valuable, interesting, or new that will make healthy living / practicing healthy habits easier, more effective, and / or enjoyable!


#KacisFridayFind14 — Chasing Cupcakes by @elizabethbenton!

“Change is right over the horizon. It’s much closer than you think. Let’s go there together, one choice at a time.” —Elizabeth Benton Chasing Cupcakes

This book is one I wish I had had when I first started out on my healthy habit journey. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to implement change, but finding themselves on the struggle bus. Not just related to diet, but anything! I am putting it at the top of my list for my clients to read along with books like: The Compound Effect, Atomic Habits, The Happiness Advantage, The Obstacle Is The Way, The Slight Edge, Lean Habits, Nourish, Divine Direction, The 5 Second Rule, Switch On Your Brain, Better Than Before, The Power of Full Engagement, Made To Crave, Margin, and The Circle Maker.

As with most of my reading, I got this book via Audible, but I think I may end up ordering the physical book too!

A lot of these things which are required for lasting change are things which I call #SuccessStrategies. They can be boiled down to habits, mindset shifts, and psychological strategies—in addition to involving the Lord in the process of course!

If you are interested in someone walking you through what the next steps are for you, you can book a coaching call to get ideas on some next steps! I have a few different options for 1:1 coaching which you can find here. Or see all my coaching options here!

Are you ready? Let’s get growing!




Reader Questions:
1/What are you currently reading?
2/Do you prefer physical books, or audio?

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