Kaci’s Friday Find — Intelligent Change Five Minute Journal App!

Today, I’m sharing an app today that helps in more ways than one! I am a firm believer that little behaviors add up! I.e. small wins, when stacked over time, create massive success. You can leverage the power of incremental change because it is easy to do without being overwhelming. If you’re interested in learning more about how the Trevor Kashey Nutrition Kickstart program can help you leverage your behaviors to live your best life and tackle your goals, head to 👉🏼 this link 👈🏼 to schedule a FREE call with ME! That said, on to today’s Friday find!

This free (paid membership options with additional features also available) science-backed guided gratitude journal has been my new go-to method for journaling. See the list below is for the free version!

I have used cheap Dollar Store notebooks for years, but when I stumbled across this app, it was a no-brainer upgrade! It’s easy to use and even includes sections where you can add notes and photos. What I love about the app is that, in addition to the gratitude journal, there’s morning prompts for checking in on how you’re feeling, setting a quick intention for your day, as well as evening prompts review and reflection. All of it is very brief and simple so that it’s not overwhelming. You can even set reminders custom to your schedule! I also love that it begins the morning journal with and inspirational quote. See below for inside views!

I have an entire blog post dedicated to the benefits of gratitude journaling which you can find here, in case you’re interested in reading!

| Kaci

Reader Questions:
1/ Do you practice daily gratitudes and / or keep a daily journal?
2/ Do you use any apps as part of your daily routine?

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