I’m Officially An Author! Order Your SIGNED Copy of The Savior’s Heart!

My first book, The Savior’s Heart: Lessons of Truth From the Gospel of Mark is now available! You can get your signed copy below!

This is a devotional style book that pulls practical application from the lessons found in unpacking the Gospel of Mark. The formatting is set up so there is a section of scripture, my commentary on the passage, then questions designed to help the reader reflect on how the truth of God’s word applies in their own life so that they can implement it effectively. My commentary takes the section of scripture and explains it in the context of the time it was written as well as how it applies to the life of the believer in their faith walk in present times.

Example of the inside.

Whether you are new to implementing a daily Bible reading “quiet time,” or someone who has practiced alone time in the word with the Lord for years, I believe this book will be of value. My goal with was to take the reader deeper into scripture and move beyond a surface level understanding of the principles of our Christian faith in order to see how the Bible can come to life in our everyday lives. I want those who read it to come away with a new understanding of how they can glean information from scripture and seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom on what it means in their own life.

First time holding my book!

It is my heart’s desire to see people move beyond the surface level of their faith so that they live life powerfully connected to their Creator. This book shows the believer how to dig into and understand scripture, find deeper meaning behind the principles of God’s truth, and learn to purposefully apply it to daily life. When you understand what kind of power is available to you as a child of God and walk in the authority of that identity, you will become a powerful part of advancing God’s Kingdom on earth. Discover the Savior’s heart and plan for you as we unpack Jesus’s life, ministry, and relationships.

The book is almost 300 pages and is currently only available in paperback format. If you order through my site, I will send you a signed copy which is not available anywhere else.

If you think of anyone else who might be interested in ordering a copy, please pass along the information about ordering! It would also make an excellent gift! This is my first book, so I’m not expecting to make anything off of it, but covering the costs of what it took to even get the book to publishing so that I break even would be great! Your support in sharing the book with others is the biggest key to that goal!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Update: If you prefer not to use PayPal for any reason, I am happy to accommodate! I have had several people reach out to me and ask if I would take a check and the answer is yes! If you don’t have my address, you can email me here. And if you do have it, please go ahead and email me to let me know it’s on the way so I can look out for it!

The price includes the book and shipping. After you order, email me at whatcanbegained@gmail.com to confirm the address(es) you want me to ship the book(s) to. I usually ship next day (2 day priority), but please understand that it may take 2-3 weeks to get the book(s) to you depending on how quickly I get the copies in when ordering/reordering my author copies. After you place your order, I will email you when it ships.

8/18/21: Update to add that I have kept other copies in stock on hand, so shipping should be next business day, 2 day priority.

The Savior’s Heart

Author-signed copy.


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia Lanahan says:

    Good Morning, Sweet Kaci,

    I am so Proud and Excited for you in writing your new book, The Savior’s Heart: Lessons of Truth From the gospel of Mark.

    I would like to order it but Larry has made it clear that he doesn’t want me to order things from a third party. Is it possible that I can order it directly from you? I can send you a check or if you can process my Visa information by phone, that’s fine.

    Please let me know when you have time.

    I am so sorry for all the damage you had to your house during the storms and hope that it has all been taken care of now.

    Also, I want to know your size (Small, Medium) and length to knees; and 3 or 4 of your favorite colors for kitchen. When you have time. I know you must be very busy.

    Also, I need prayer for an ailment with hurting and swollen tongue (apparently from taste buds). ENT has me on a compounded mouthwash and after 3 weeks of it, it has helped, but it is very expensive. And she (and now I) believe it may have to do with maybe allergic type reaction to acidic foods. I have delved in to lists of acidic/alkaline foods and I’ve worked hard at adjusting my diet to go mostly towards more alkaline. Anyway, I have an upcoming appt. with her this coming week to see what she advises. I can’t keep buying this mouthwash as it is almost$70. And I’m halfway through the second bottle. So……can you please add me to your prayer list for healing mouth, tongue issue.

    Also, for my back…spine bone on bone, disk gone, pain from hip area down to ankle. MRI was so completely nerve-wracking for 40 minutes…worst I’ve ever had that even 4 days later I am having uncontrollable, crying\sobbing periods off and on and had to start Lexapro and Xanax again which helps. But I NEED PRAYER. My follow up appt re: results on MRI is not until Deemmber 7.

    Thank you, Honey, and if you have a prayer group/line going Please feel free to add a request, of course without all these specifics.

    I love you and pray that is all is going well with you and Bobby and home/porch/yard repairs.

    Many blessings from the Lord Jesus to you.

    Love, Trish

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling physically. I will certainly add you to my list of daily prayers and pass on the message to a prayer group!

      I’ll send you a message about ordering the book and the other information you need! Love you lots!

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