Habit Changes

Fresh off a zoom call with a client and dove right into this #MacroMicroBowl of goodness! Recipe found here!

This was prepped and ready to go so it required zero decision making and zero mental effort. Those calls and my clients give me LIFE! The last thing I want to do is to be caught up thinking about what I am going to eat.

I have found a way of streamlining the process so that it works for me #MinimalistMealPrep. I eat foods that I enjoy and which also make me feel my best. I deviate from that only when it’s worth it and with careful intention, not spur of the moment based on food FOMO. Through (mostly 😂) patient practice I have come to understand what that looks like for me. Because we are all unique, a cookie-cutter plan never works. That’s what my MealMasteryMentorship helps my clients to achieve. Food is about fueling ourselves well, yes but it’s about more than just fuel. It’s about social engagement (the Bible teaches of believers sharing life and breaking bread together). It’s about enjoyment (God have us tastebuds for a reason)! It’s directly tied to our spiritual well being (even Holy communion involves bread and wine as a reflection of the last supper). It’s about stewarding our bodies well (God desires us to have a balance between feeding the flesh and the spirit, inviting us to partake in Living Water and The Bread of Life).

My mission: I teach women of faith how to equip themselves with healthy habits, mindset skills, and efficient self-care so that they can walk in freedom and abundant life, show up as their best self in service of others, and are able to function at their highest capacity in order to fulfill the God-given purpose for their life!

The Meal Mentorship is just one of the services I offer (click to see all of them). I help with habits of any kind, not just nutrition! I’ve worked with clients in the areas of career, finances, mental health, relationships, physical activity, medical concerns, and spiritual growth. If you need some help within the scope of healthy habits and want someone who custom tailors things for your specific needs (and does so from a Biblical perspective), email me or head here to book a call.

Are you ready!? Let’s get growing!


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