A Lesson From Siri

Backstory: I can’t spell and need to double check if it was appearance or appearence… but was struck by the irony of the way Siri responded.

It got me thinking… Are we considering Truth before blindly setting our expectations to cultural standards? Who’s opinion of us are we most concerned with and does it align with our identity in Christ? How often do we go to Google for help before searching God’s word for answers? Why do we think that anything other than the Source of our identity can help give us accurate perspective?

I get it. I mean, as a medical professional, I’m trained to be an expert and to have all the answers (unless it’s spelling a word; see above 😂). Anyhow, yes, I do believe in human knowledge, but not as an authority over God’s sovereign wisdom. He gives us the ability to understand to an extent, but scripture tells us clearly that His ways are above our ways and His thoughts are above our thoughts.

So the next time you struggle with human standards, especially about your physical appearance, remember your Creator’s thoughts are above them. And when culture is pointing in a specific direction, especially as it pertains to how you should treat your body, consider that His ways are above and beyond that path.

If you need help with the process of renewing your mind, join us for the next round of the Dashing Dish Stronger Together Challenge! It’s 100% not a diet. It’s about viewing the journey of health and yourself from God’s perspective. Plus you get 3 coaches (hi I’m one! 🙋🏻‍♀️) and the support of like minded women encouraging you through the process.

Head here to learn more and to register! We run the challenge 3-4 times a year so if you are reading this past the January 6th 2020 start date, no worries! You can catch us the next round! If you are a Dashing Dish member there is a discount code so you can also use that!

Reader Questions:
1/ How can I pray for you/your mindset around these things?
2/ What questions do you have about the ST Challange?

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