Five Tips To Help You #LikeHowYouEat {FTT20}


1️⃣ Eat things you actually enjoy. There’s no reason to force yourself to eat something because you think you should or because it’s what someone else enjoys. Figure out what foods you enjoy and how you enjoy preparing them and make that the basis of your nutritional focus and food choices.

2️⃣ Don’t label foods good or bad. There’s a difference between avoiding eating foods that don’t make you feel your best and labeling foods as good or bad. Certainly if something aggravates physical symptoms, it is likely not worth eating, but a mindset of food being a morally good or bad choice sets us up for disordered patterns with food. When you are constantly judging yourself based on your choices, it takes the freedom and the enjoyment out of eating.

3️⃣ Don’t be ruled by food FOMO. The fear of missing out can be a tricky sticking point. Most of the time, we want to stick to eating foods that make us feel and function at our best, but occasionally splurges are worth it. The goal is to know when they are worth it and not allow the fear of missing out to lead to choices we wish we hadn’t made after the fact. Enjoying how you eat is both physical and emotional. Recognize the connection between the two and you will be able to make decisions you feel positive about.

4️⃣ Know your eating preferences. This may take a little detective work, but will be worth it in the long run. Do you prefer to eat larger quantities of lower calorie foods or smaller quantities of more rich, calorie dense but highly satisfying foods? Do you prefer to eat large meals, or smaller ones and then allow for snacks? Answering these questions will help you design a way of eating that never leaves you bored.

5️⃣ Make it fun! Healthy food does not have to be boring. Whether it’s experimenting with different recipes, using different spices and herbs, or even just the layout of your meal, we should find joy in our choices. Sprinkle in fun foods along with nutrient dense ones. Have the occasional snack plate meal instead of a standard main course with two sides type plate. The experience of food is just as important as the food itself!

Reader questions:
1/ What’s your best tip for enjoying how you eat?
2/ Which of these sounds the most helpful to you?


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