Five Tips For Overcoming A Limiting Mindset {FTT16}


In order to accomplish any goal or dream, you must believe that you are truly capable of doing what is required to get there. It can involve change and growth which you might not think you can sustain, but I’m here to tell you that you can! Most of the time this process boils down to renewing our mindset and rewiring our beliefs. But how? Here are five tips to help you do that!

1️⃣ Focus on the positive. Choose to look at the things which are under your control; the things that you can do instead of the things that you can’t. This helps you to see yourself as strong and capable and starts to push out thoughts that you will never be able to accomplish the things you desire.

2️⃣ Focus on small wins. I firmly believe that you will find you are capable of doing more by paring back the overwhelming things into smaller, more sustainable ones. There is a compound effect with little practices done consistently. Small wins build evidence that you are capable of change—and they add up quickly, building evidence you are capable!

3️⃣ Lean into the Lord. Want to know the good news about your weaknesses? They can actually become even stronger than your natural gifts and strengths when you allow the Lord to fill them in with His strength in those areas. Scripture says: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” and “My power is made perfect in your weakness.” When you start to believe you’re capable of doing things because of the Lord’s power working in you, not just because of your own strength, it changes your perspective about what is possible.

4️⃣ Guard your mind. Our thoughts and beliefs are a result of the things we feed our minds with. In order to create new thoughts and beliefs, we have to stop feeding the old ones. Be very careful who you allow to speak into your life in real life and in social media. Be aware of those who may trigger harmful thought patterns and create boundaries / unfollow. Surround yourself with those who speak wisdom and God’s truth as well as life-giving and encouraging words. Use daily declarations and scripture to overcome negative thoughts. Store them up in your mind, and they will push out those that are not serving you.

5️⃣ Be a student. Adopt a growth mindset. Focus on learning and personal development in order to make positive change in your life. Be in the habit of reading / listening to Audible books, podcasts, Ted talks, sermons, etc. The more information you expose yourself to the more you will see possibilities for yourself.

If you need help with tackling your goals and dreams, you can see what coaching plans I offer here. Or, feel free to reach out to me via email!

Are you ready!? Let’s get growing!
| Kaci

Reader Questions:
1/ What have you done to overcome limiting mindsets in your own life?
2/ Which of these sound helpful?

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