Kaci’s Friday Find — Plantronics Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

Plantronics Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Headphones 🎧

For anyone who has tried to lift, do HIIT, or cardio with iPhone headphones, you understand how frustrating it can be! Even air buds / pods can fall it. Listening to podcasts, sermons, Ted talks, webinars, and Audible is an integral part of my lifting experience. When I am at home, I can just use a Bluetooth speaker to listen while I workout. However, at the gym or when I jog outdoors (rare, but it does happen on occasion 😂) I needed something to connect to my iPhone without a cord.

I did not want anything large like over-ear style headphones since I wear glasses, but also wanted something that would stay in place I got a great pair of Plantronics on eBay for about $25 refurbished and I absolutely LOVE them! The ones that I got are great because the earpiece still goes inside your ear, rather than over them, and there is a flexible piece that wraps around your ear lobe and behind the neck to keep them in place. They are also waterproof!😅

In case you are interested, I did a full post on how to get set up with a home gym for weight training without breaking your budget!

And if you need more help with healthy habits, head here!

| Kaci

Reader Questions:
1/ What do you use when you workout?
2/ Do you listen to music or mindset stuff when you workout?

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