Weekly Quotes #9 {8/4/19 – 8/10/19}

A collection of thought-provoking, encouraging, enlightening, and inspiring quotes from various sources that I have come across this past week!


I get asked often for the references to quotes I use. This series is a way for me to keep track of and share the good ideas I come across each week! Where applicable, links are included in case you wish to dive deeper!


“You might have noticed a pattern in the most successful people around you. Wherever they excel, they tend to have personal rules that they take very seriously.

Financially effective people tend to hold themselves to certain rules about money… Fit, energetic people tend to have personal rules about health… Productive people keep personal rules about work…

These uncommonly capable people have figured out something that should be obvious: your quality of life improves when you set clear standards for how you live. You gravitate back towards “so-so” in any area where your standards are unclear. It works—both ways—like magic.”

—David Cain in Wise People Have Rules for Themselves


“The best way of learning about anything is by doing.”

—Richard Branson


“Garbage in, garbage out. Quality in, quality out. You control your behavior, principles control the outcomes. Although this may be terrifying to some, I find this reality to be completely liberating. The challenge: learn and apply correct principles.”

Benjamin Hardy, PhD in his post You Don’t Control The Outcome Of Your Life, Principles Do


“You are only one choice away from establishing a new reputation.”

“You don’t have to scale the mountain all in one day. Little wins add up.”

—Elizabeth Benton in her book Chasing Cupcakes


“What a beautiful reminder that we should never be ashamed of our own brokenness and healing, because it is through that very brokenness and healing that we can encourage others.”

Kristin Berry in her Proverbs 31 devotional titled Healing Through Brokenness


“There is no improving the future without disturbing the present.”

—Catherine Booth


“I know that over time, my difference will ultimately become my destiny.”

The resistance you are facing is actually a sign that you are on the right path.”

“No discipline, no destiny.”

“Your difference is your destiny.” ?

“Your sacrifice will pay the cost of your greatness.”

—DeVon Franklin at the Global Leadership Summit 2019


“The weapons that serve me best—they always come from within, not without.”

—Bear Grylls at the Global Leadership Summit 2019


“There is change waiting to happen with your name in it.

—Gabby Faria (Lisbon project) at the Global Leadership Summit 2019


“If your body could talk to you, what would it want to say?”

You have one body and your leadership lives in it.”

—Jo Saxton at the Global Leadership Summit 2019


“What you’re telling yourself is what you’re becoming.”

—Muhammad Ali via Jo Saxton at the Global Leadership Summit 2019


“Ask yourself this question: what are you called to do and why does it matter?”

—Craig Groeschel at the Global Leadership Summit 2019


“We are more than the worst thing we’ve ever done or that’s ever been done to us.”

“I’m not a ‘bang the table’ leader. I am a ‘set the table’ leader.”

—Dr. Krish Kandiah at the Global Leadership Summit 2019


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

—Jonathan Swift (quoted by Dr. Krish Kandiah at the Global Leadership Summit 2019)


“Thinking is one of the most difficult things for people to do because it means they must take their current beliefs and admit they may be wrong.”

Jade TetaHuman 365 August 10h


Reader Questions:
1/ Do any of these resonate with you?
2/ What’s the best quote you came across this week?

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