Kaci’s Friday Find — Ted Talks

Friday Finds is a way for me to share something I feel is useful, valuable, interesting, or new that will make healthy living / practicing healthy habits easier, more effective, and / or enjoyable!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know about Ted. While I have never been to an in-person Ted conference or event, it is certainly on the bucket list for my husband and I to attend! You can also “attend” via satellite / simulcast broadcast too!

@Lorifitlife recently did a post on listening to Audible and Podcasts and how valuable and impactful they have been to her, especially on her commute. You guys know that I have had the same experience having an hour commute to and from clinic M-F for five years when I was still practicing medicine.

That was two hours a day of time that I initially was aggravated about being “stolen” from my day. Eventually I learned to really appreciate the time spent on my commute, as it afforded me uninterrupted time where I could learn. I also listen(ed) to Audible books and podcasts like Lori, but one of the other things that I really enjoy listening to and learning from are Ted talks from Ted.com / YouTube.

Just in case you guys aren’t aware, I have a highlight on my Instagram where I have collected some of the best talks I’ve come across to hopefully encourage you to go check them out!

You might not have a super long commute, but you can listen to educational things while you’re doing chores, working out, taking a walk, etc. If you need an idea of how to build the habit into your routine, you could also try implementing a “rule” to watch at least one Ted talk in the evening before turning on something more entertaining.

The thing about habits is that they don’t happen by accident! They also need a trigger in order to remind you to practice them! So be intentional and find a way to elevate your habits so that they intern elevate you! If you are interested in having me help with the process, head here!

Check out some of my favorite Ted talks here.

I think my all-time favorite is Shawn Achor’s The Happy Secret To Better Work.



Reader Questions:
1/ Do you have a favorite Ted talk?
2/ Do you listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or Ted talks?

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